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Rotarians Select Award Winning Writers. For the first time, the MyerstownELCO Rotary sponsored a writing contest for 9th grade students at ELCO High School to interpret how the Rotary FourWay Test was meaningful in their lives. Gavin Strauss, 4Way Essay Test Winner Bryan Elementary School, Lexington, NE The second prize winner was Lydia Connell, sponsored by the Arnold Rotary Club. The third prize winner was Linda Kuku, sponsored by the Grand Island Sunrise Rotary Club.

Both Lydia and Linda were unable to attend the conference. Four Way Test Means Business (pdf) The deadline to email club entry form and essay to District Contest Chair is March 9, 2019. The District 7610 first place winner will be honored at the 2019 Rotary District Conference on Saturday April 6, 2019. Rotary District 6600 is pleased to announce the winners of its annual FourWay Test essay contest for the seventh and eighth grade students. The FourWay Test is a set of four questions that Rotarians use to assist in the conduct of their personal and professional lives.

The FourWay Test is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships. The test has been translated into more than 100 languages, and Rotarians recite it at club meetings: 4Way Test Essay Contest: History Adopted by Rotary in 1943, The FourWay Test has been translated into more than a hundred languages and published in thousands of ways. Goal.

The shortterm goal is to have every Club sponsor a FourWay Test Essay Contest in the eighth grade of every Public and Private School in their geographical area. We invite you to participate in the Rotarys Annual 4Way Test Essay Contest for 2018 sponsored by your local Rotary club and District 7720.

For over sixty years Rotarians have been using the 4Way Test as a guideline for making decisions Rotarys 4Way Test is one of the most powerful guides to ethical behavior in existence. Rotarians work with speech and English teachers in local middle schools encouraging student participation in an essay andor speech contest applying the 4Way Test to students life, experiences andor society in general. The FourWay Test Essay contest in District 7390 was initiated in by the Rotary Club of MechanicsburgNorth in the 9 th grade at Cumberland Valley High School.

The winner of their contest presented her essay Essays must be returned to local Rotary Club by, 2009. (Local Club must insert date. ) STUDENT GUIDELINES The FourWay Test Essay Contest

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