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response of the effector to stimulation by the motor neuron of the reflex arc reflex arc the nerve pathway involved in a reflex action including at its simplest a sensory nerve and a motor nerve with a synapse between Short essay on Reflex Action and Reflex Arcs Tabasum And the reflex arc is actually a spinal reflex arc. Some reflex actions, however, involve the brain rather than the spinal cord.

Such reflex actions are known as cerebral reflexes. This is described below. The reflex are is the mechanism by which the response occur The reflex arc is the name given to the pathway (or circuit) along which the initial stimulus and the corresponding response message travel There are five parts to a reflex arc: Reflex Action The whole mechanism of reflex action occurs in such a fashion that there is no conscious control of the brain.

Stimulation occurs through the peripheral nervous system and the response to this peripheral nerve stimulation is involuntary. Jan 02, 2013 Reflex Action and Reflex Arc Reflex is a special ability that evolution gifted us to facilitate our survival. Whenever part of your body comes in contact with an object capable of causing you harm, you tend to quickly withdraw that part of the body.

Start studying Reflex arc essay question1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Reflex arc. The reflex arc is a special type of neural circuit that begins with a sensory neuron at a receptor (e. g.a pain receptor in the fingertip) and ends with a motor neuron at an effector (e. g.a skeletal muscle). A reflex arc is a neural pathway that controls a reflex. In vertebrates, most sensory neurons do not pass directly into the brain, but synapse in the spinal cord.

This allows for faster reflex actions to occur by activating spinal motor neurons without the delay of routing signals through the brain. However, the brain will receive the sensory input while the reflex REFLEX ACTION AND ADRENALIN ESSAY. Life Sciences P2 Version 1 (New Content) For FullTime Candidates November 2012 Q4. 3. The nervous and endocrine systems help to protect the human body. A reflex action occurs when the body responds to a stimulus without the involvement of the brain.

Batting of eyelids and rapid withdrawal of hands from a hot surface are examples of reflex actions. The contraction of the pupils of the eyes when exposed to bright light is a perfect example of a

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