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Hindi is the official language in India with the largest number of speakers. It is the official language of the union. [60 Native speakers of Hindi represent about 41 of the Indian population (2001 Indian census). India is a vast country having different types of climate in its different parts. These differences in the climate are determined by (i) location, (ii) altitude, (iii) distance from sea or the mountains and (iv) the general relief or topography. Yet its climate is labeled as Monsoon climate.

Climate may be defined as a complex of meteorological conditions which exists in any given area and imparts an individuality of the landscape of that area. It is the sum total of weather conditions and variations over a large area for a Hindi, Essay, Climate, Essay on Climate Change: A Critical Problem Essay on Water Conservation in Essay on Climate Battle at Warsaw: The Indian Position The environmental consciousness of mankind in the 21st century has inspired the international community to seal a consensual deal on taking measures to confront climate change and wished that such measures would bear fruit.

Climate Change and its Impact on Agriculture Climate change is an emerging issue of agricultural production and geographical location of India makes it vulnerable to climate Climate of India Posted by Nitin Kumar on Feb 28, 2012 in Hindi Language India is a vast country with diverse terrain from the plains of Ganges valley and high mountains like the Himalayas.

Because of wide variety of terrain, the climatic condition also varies. Taking into accounts variations in the elements of climate, i. e. changes in air temperature, amount of rainfall, changes of air current, etc.the climate of India can be classified into 4 (four) seasons, such as: 1.

Summer (from March to May): During the three months from March to May it is summer in most parts of India. From the Free essay on the climate of India.

The Tropic of Cancer divides India almost into two equal parts; so the north India comes under the Warm Temperate Zone whereas the south India under the Tropical Zone.

Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On May 26, 2015 By Omna Roy Introduction: The monsoon is generally referred to the season of rain. In India, it starts in the middle of June and continues after August.

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