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Wordless Wednesday – Not Quite A Boy And His Dog

When I got to the beach this afternoon I discovered I had everything with me except for a card in my camera, grrrrr!  So I only had my phone to take photos with and it’s less than satisfactory for me.  Still, I took a few shots and I do like the poignancy in this one 🙂

Dog and stick
A dog and his stick. Frankie still has his sore leg and he didn’t want to fetch sticks today. So he just picked up his favourite and off they went 🙂

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Miley's Daily Scoop

    Beautiful shot, love the ripples in the water!
    Miley’s Daily Scoop recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Snow Stretching

  2. rottrover

    I really like that photo! I’m often surprised at the quality of photos I get with my phone. Not always, but often…
    rottrover recently posted..Otto Update

  3. Groovy Goldendoodles

    Hey, that photo looks amazing to me, love the ripples in the water. Where are you exactly? Love the scenery

  4. Talent Hounds

    This is an amazing photo, so beautiful.

  5. Sorry you didn’t have your camera card, but the photo of Frankie and his stick is wonderful! Tell frankie that I hope his leg feels great very soon!
    Hazel (Class A Greyhounds…RVing with the Big Dogs!) recently posted..A Different Week

  6. Sue

    Frankie, The girls and I are sending you positive healing thoughts and hugs. Sue, Polly & Honey
    Sue recently posted..WOYWW 4th March

  7. Kari

    Who needs a fancy camera for a beautiful shot? Blows up pretty nice too.
    Kari recently posted..Flashy New Collars

  8. Lauren Miller

    Oh no!! I hate it when that happens. I forgot a memory card once and we were at the Zoo. I was really mad at myself. That is a really cute picture of Frankie! I hope his leg feels better soon!
    Lauren Miller recently posted..Peek-A-Boo! Wordless Wednesday

  9. Oh I have SO been there. But I figure it’s better to capture the moment, even if it is only on my phone. Years from now I won’t care what the resolution was on the camera, I’ll only care that I caught the moment.
    Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny recently posted..Brusha, Brusha Brusha, Each and Every Day

  10. Lilli

    That’s very good picture! And Frankie is so cute in it 😀

    Lilli recently posted..Viikkoraportti 7 / Week report 7