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  1. Sue

    What a fab photo of you Sue with Frankie and Beryl.

    What does your t-shirt say? Can You Handle th?

  2. Greyhounds CAN Sit

    You're so polite, Sue, thank you:) It's just me poking fun at myself, and Frankie looking gorgeous and Beryl supervising. The T-shirt says 'can you handle the jandal' which is what we call thongs or flip flops in New Zealand. It's one of my favourite dog walking tops, obviously I'm not dressing to impress, lol!

  3. jet

    LOL I want one of those shirts – it's the funniest Kiwi word ever, the first time I heard it was in Ch-ch I think, some girls running past saying 'why did I just wear jandals?' it was very hard not to laugh.

  4. Sue

    Sue, Glad you told me what Jandals are:) It's funny that you also call them thongs, as here a thong is a pair of knickers (not much more than a g-string):)

    I do love Frankie's expression:)

  5. houndstooth

    Huge grin here! I love this picture of you all! That shirt is awesome!

  6. Hiking Hounds

    That's a great picture! I might have to start saying jandals too.

  7. Maddy and Owen

    Cute picture 🙂
    Maddy and Owen

  8. Spiffo

    what a hoot – fantastic photo.