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What a Day!

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Three years ago today Beryl arrived into our lives to beautify and enrich it.

Greyhound Gotcha Day
Happy Gotcha Day Princess xxxx

Seeing as she had acquired numerous collars over the past few months she actually didn’t get a present this year:(  So I promised her (and Frankie) a trip to the beach after lunch seeing as the tide was low and it wasn’t too hot.

We nearly didn’t get there as shortly before I was going to leave I heard an almighty crash outside.  I wandered to the kitchen window and saw a light plane in the paddock next to the house!

light plane crash
This is pretty much the view from my kitchen window now, although not this close.

I saw 2 men in uniform wandering around the plane, one was speaking on a mobile so I thought rather than being a ‘rubbernecker’ I’d go back inside and wait for developments.  It didn’t take long for 2 police cars, 3 fire engines and an ambulance to arrive!

It was a hive of activity!
It was a hive of activity!

One of the police cars parked across my driveway so I wasn’t going anywhere for a while!

The 3 horses and 2 cattle beasts were in that paddock yesterday!
There were 3 horses and 2 cattle beasts in that paddock yesterday!

I live across the road from a country airfield and the air traffic is very light … but there were a lot of little planes buzzing around after this happened!  The cause of the emergency landing was engine failure and apart from a sprained ankle both occupants of the plane were ok.  It could have been much worse … I sure wouldn’t have been happy if they’d ended up in my house.  Although I doubt I would be writing this now if they had!!

I was interviewed by a reporter for one of our TV channels, all dressed up in my daggy dog walking clobber, lol!  I must have looked bad because they didn’t show any of my description of the events on the news tonight!

After about 1 1/2 hours everyone was gone with just a plane where it shouldn’t be to remind me of the afternoons excitement.  OK, we’ve still got time to get to the beach before the tide is too high.  Then there’s a knock on the door and it’s a reporter from the local paper.  I tell him what happened and directed him to the airfield across the road for more details.  I hope he spells my name right;)  Oh, and I also asked him to enquire why I don’t get the local papers delivered; he’s going to look into that for me:)

By now it’s touch and go as to whether we can drive on the beach.  We head off and I decide to risk it seeing as I’d promised the pups.  We were only there for about 1/2 an hour because with all the excitement I’d left the dogs water bottle behind.  I always take a 750 ml pump bottle and they usually get through the lot in an hour.

Tongue isn't hanging out much yet.
Tongue isn’t hanging out much yet.
Where does all that go?
Where does all that go?
Beryl has just about had enough.
Beryl has just about had enough.
That's a pretty long Greyhound tongue!
That’s a pretty long Greyhound tongue!

We headed back to the beach to cool off …

Greyhound in the sea
Ahhh, that’s better.

Then back to the car where I had some water.  No, the excitement was over, I didn’t get stuck on the beach:)

After we’d been home for a while and Beryl had cooled off properly she decided she needed some blats around the front lawn.

Greyhound running
Wild eyed zoomies!
Greyhound running
You’re not at the races Beryl!

And that ends the saga of Beryl’s Gotcha Day afternoon.  I doubt it was the best Gotcha Day she’s ever had but it was certainly the most eventful.


April is a very special month because it’s Adopt A Greyhound Month:)  (Who decides these things, does anyone know?)


If you know anyone who is toying with the idea of adding a Greyhound to their home and needs a bit of convincing Tails and Tales have a wonderful blog post giving lots of greyt reasons for getting a Greyhound (or two!)


It seems I’m doing a bit of making up for lost time regarding blogging, lol.  But when I’m writing posts I’m not visiting and catching up so that’s what I’m going to do a bit of now.  Take care.

20 Responses

  1. Lori - What Remains Now

    Happy Gotcha Day, Beryl! Boy, it will be easy to remember this particular Gotcha Day…forever! So glad that it turned out okay. Like you said, this could have been really horrible. Glad you got to get to the beach too.
    Lori – What Remains Now recently posted..Poetry & Kindness 13.0

  2. Michelle

    Awesome pictures! So glad Beryl picked you!

  3. Crystal

    Wow, what a crazy day! Happy Gotcha Day to Beryl. And I LOVE that picture of Frankie trotting along the horizon, and the one of him and Beryl with the bright blue sky.
    Crystal recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Stalking

  4. Sue

    WOW!!! What a Gotcha Day for Beryl:) Glad no one was seriously hurt.

    Loving your photos of Frankie and Beryl.

    Hope after you exciting day, you have a relaxing evening.

  5. Stanley's Mum

    Sue, we watched TV3 and alas we didn’t see you. I’m sure it was due to editing and not because you were wearing daggy dog walking clothes and that they realised the accident ended up not being that serious.
    What excitement for Beryl’s anniversary though!

  6. Solo Irvine

    Happy Gotcha Day, Beryl! 🙂

    Big WOOFS from Solo xxx
    Solo Irvine recently posted..Silly Sunday…

  7. John Irvine

    You’re showing great zoomies form, Beryl!! Happy gotcha day, girl!!

  8. Beckett, Veil and Maddy

    Happy Gotcha Day Beryl! That was a lot of excitement, but nothing compares to seeing you and Frankie on your beach…
    Beckett, Veil and Maddy recently posted..Deccy and KC arrive in Canada!

  9. houndstooth

    Bunny is thrilled that you liked her post! 😉

    Did Riley go with you to the beach? Or was this before he came to visit? It sounds like quite an eventful day! Wow! Big excitement here is when the horses pull the wagon through town. 😛 All of your beach pictures are gorgeous, but that one of Frankie and Beryl on the sand dune is just stunning!
    houndstooth recently posted..Looking For A New Challenge

  10. Hazel

    I love your photos, and am glad the plane landed where it did!
    Hazel recently posted..City of Rocks, or City of Critters?

  11. Karen Friesecke

    Talk about excitement!! A plane crash landing in a field next to the house certainly does not happen every day! Happy Gotcha’ day Miss Beryl!

    *love* the picture of Frankie trotting across the sand. The sand kicked up by his paws makes it very cool!
    Karen Friesecke recently posted..Daily DIY Pet Pattern – Pet Basket Knitting Pattern

  12. Human Rescues Dog

    great photos. Watching a greyhound do ‘zoomies’ must be such a sight! 🙂
    Human Rescues Dog recently posted..I won the ‘Versatile Blogger’ Award!

  13. That is some serious excitement. Glad that no one was hurt including you, the kids and the residents of that paddock. A close call to be sure. Absolutely LOVE that photo of Beryl and Frankie on the sand. Beautiful!

  14. Michelle

    Happy Gotcha Day Beryl!

  15. genjiscorner

    I always like to have a spare engine on my plane 🙂 Your pics are looking awesome. Love the one where Frankie is kicking up sand. And great composition on the one with both on the sand.
    genjiscorner recently posted..Beep, Beep, Beep

  16. The Lady

    Whoo Hoo! You’re back. You are the one blog I make an exception for only publishing excerpts on the RSS feeds. I have a crush on Beryl, what can I say? LOL

    Glad you are back-and that the plane didn’t make you MIA again!
    The Lady recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit

      It’s great to be back, thanks:) I didn’t realise I only had excerpts set for my RSS feed, I’ll change it if I can figure out how, lol! Beryl says thank you for the compliment.

  17. Deccy

    It all happens in Foxton huh?! Glad Beryl had a good day….lovely collar by the way! Fab piccies as always! Deccy x
    Deccy recently posted..All Aboard!!

  18. Caron

    Wow, I saw your post about the plane on FB, but I didn’t realize it was so close to your house. I’m glad it didn’t land on your house and they were okay. I’m sure Beryl thought it was a wonderful gotcha day. Beautiful pictures as always. 🙂
    Caron recently posted..The Luckiest Day

  19. Jay from The Depp Effect

    Good heavens above!! What a scary thing for everyone. I’d have been out there taking pictures, too, by the way. I think it’s the Bloggers’ Way! 😉

    So glad everyone was alright. Your photos of the dogs are, as always, delightful!
    Jay from The Depp Effect recently posted..How to be happy!