Relativism approach to abnormal behaviour essay

This essay will be discussing the problems in defining normal and abnormal behaviour. It will discuss the issues surrounding the diagnosis of mental health problems using the medical model. It will also be looking at the different types of depression and the different explanations for depression according to various perspectives in psychology.

Abnormal behavior is a behavior that is consistent with the individuals development, cultural, and societal norms, creates emotional distress, or interferes with daily functioning. A Mental Disorder is defined as psychological syndrome or behavioral pattern that is associated with subjective distress andor objective impairment. The behavioural approach to psychology focuses on observable behaviour rather than unobservable, mental phenomena such as feelings and thoughts. It assumes that both normal and abnormal psychology can be explained in terms of environmental factors and is therefore on the nurture side of the naturenurture debate Specifically, the Psychologists use scientific methods to Relativism approach to abnormal behaviour essay and study abnormal behavior, and must be knowledgeable and creative in the applications of these methods.

The emphasis on science also influences the diagnosis and treatment of Abnormal behavior patterns of emotion, thought, and action considered.

pathological (diseased or disordered) for one or more of the reasons:. 1. Statistical infrequency. ON way to judge whether a person's behavior is.

abnormal is to compare the frequency of his or her behavior to that of others. None of these approaches universally classify abnormality but depends on the situational context. Categorically, human behavior may be categorized as either healthy or unhealthy. The unhealthy is further subdivided into nonoverlapping or discrete. The health of a behavior depends on the context of occurrence of the situation. Explanations and Treatment of Abnormal Behaviour Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a type of abnormal psychology.

Abnormality can be defined in three ways as a deviation from statistical norm, a deviation from the social norms and cultural relativism.

This essay will discuss the major theories for the cause of abnormal behavior, how abnormal behavior is diagnosed and what type of behavioral issues are related to abnormal behavior. [tags: Psychology Behaviour is considered to be only the expression of the problem, not the problem itself, therefore the psychodynamic approach believes that addressing the phobic behaviour without looking at the underlying cause of it, will be ineffectiveand lead to symptom substitution i.

e. the expression of the problem in a new way. In her essay, Anthropology and the Abnormal, we learn how Ruth Benedict views normality and abnormality in various cultures. A normal action is one which falls well within the limits of expected behavior for a particular society.

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