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The snare drum is a versatile and expressive percussion instrument due to its sensitivity and responsiveness. The sensitivity of the snare drum allows it to respond audibly to the softest strokes, even with a wire brush; as well, it can be used for complex rhythmic patterns and engaging solos at moderate volumes. This was put together in the early nineteenth century when music began to change and more percussion was needed to accompany the changed music trends and the new dancing styles.

(The History of Drums and Drumming par. 3 and 4). History of Drums OutlineA ) The history of the drumset. General intent. My general intent is to explicate where the different parts of the drumset have originated and evolved over the old ages. Specific intent. To demo all of the different parts and where they come from. Central thought. Ive played drums in many bands, and have spent countless hours researching drum kits, the history of drumming, how drums are made.

The Snare drum was created originally for combat for soldiers to use on there way to battler back during the revolutionary war. Now the snare is used for all kinds of music related things it is used a lot in drum line it is the focus piece in drum line. The Africans used their drums to communicate through the village. Each tone and sound had a different meaning, and represented a different thought.

In traditional Australian Aboriginal cultures, percussion was utilized by hand clapping and leg slapping. Decorated drums were made from hollow logs and some were covered by reptile skins. 40 Essential Snare Drum Rudiments. Rudiment a Day. The Rudiment Encyclopedia. Ergonomics. How to treat tendonitis.

Drumming Research Essay Help? submitted 4 years ago by we are currently composing an 810 page research essay and I'm thinking about doing it on the historyrise of modern drumming. I need a little help Another primary drum is the snare drum. It was developed drom doubleskinned drum of medieval times known as the, research paper Writing.

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38 13. 9page. a snare drum player, and a player of cymbals. We will write a custom essay sample on The Modern Drum Set: Driving the Rhythm of Change specifically for you. for only 16. 38 13. 9page. Order These revolutionary collaborations of percussive pieces started off with a pair of hihats, a bass and snare drum, and a couple of tom toms.

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