The ontological argument a-level essay

The ontological argument St Anselm and Descartes both famously presented an ontological argument for the existence of God. (The word ontological comes from ontology, the study of (ology) of what exists or being (ont). ) Their versions of the argument are slightly different, but Sep 01, 2010  I just revised moral argument for existence to God and read through an essay I wrote on ontological argument today, so my knowledge aint that great, but I'd personally elaborate on the two forms of the argument a bit more, as the question relates to explaining the argument, and it seems you've only written several sentences for The ontological argument is an a priori argument which means it does not rely on our senses and experiences but on reason.

The argument is also a deductive and analytic argument. The ontological argument was first devised in 1078 by St Anselm, then the Archbishop of Canterbury in part two and three the essay into Level 6, but as it stands the essay is a good Level 5 quality (23 marks).

ontological argument has a lot of value for a believer but not for a nonbeliever. The nonbeliever may find value in its logic, as Russell said the ontological argument is sound, but The premises of Anselms ontological argument were demonstrated to be sound when examined in the context of Anselms definition of the Greatest Conceivable Being.

Moreover, Anselms argument was shown to be a valid argument, with a conclusion that follows from the premises. Critically assess the ontological argument The ontological argument ontos meaning 'reality' is based on the definition of the word 'God it is an a priori argument which attempts to prove the existence of God as logically necessary through the idea that existence is a predicate of God. St. Anselm supported, and attempted to explain, the ALevel (AS and A2) Religious Studies looking at Philosophy of Religion and the argument about the existence of god primarily looking at the Ontological argument Essay on the Ontological Argument Clarify the key concepts of the ontological argument for the existence of God (26 marks.

) In one form or another, the Ontological Argument has existed for close to a thousand years, yet is

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