An essay on female infanticide

Female infanticide and sexselective abortion are responsible for this gender imbalance. Due to the high occurrence of foeticides, infanticides, including new born neglect and abandonment, the world is currently deprived of over 100 million women. Essay on Female Foeticide, Infanticide in India Introduction Female foeticide is the practice of abortion whereupon the knowledge of the gender of the fetus growing in the mother s womb is selectively aborted in case the fetus is a girl.

Essay On Female Infanticide. Madison Barlow Mrs. Burns English An essay on female infanticide Honors April 10, 2013 Female Infanticides in China For many decades China has been carrying out brutal actions among female infants which are known to be female infanticides.

The preference of male children has lead to over millions of female deaths and abortions; the cause of the rising of female infanticide in India is due to the influences of over population, the dowry system, economic statuses, caste systems, social norms, womens role, cultural beliefs, religion, etc.

Female infanticide is mostly done by low caste people. They think that girl wont be able to take the place of a male. They think that female wont be able to work and study. Female infanticide in India Essay Sample. India is failing to prevent largescale female infanticide and foeticide, according to a UN report.

As a result, says the UNs World Population Fund, India has one of the highest imbalances in the Female Infanticide and Foeticide It is regrettable that female infanticide and foeticide are rapidly decreasing the female population throughout India. The main factors that is responsible for the increase in the incidence of female infanticide and foeticide is the low status of women, son preference, and the practice of dowry across all casts groups.

Infanticide Essay 1637 Words 7 Pages. In the Merriam Webster dictionary, infanticide is a term described as the act of killing an infant. Other sources describe it as the act of killing ones own child, or killing of a child less than 12 months old. Female infanticide is more common than the killing of male offspring.

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