Open window saki essay checker

In The Open Window, Saki uses the isolation element when he mentions that one of the main characters Framton migrated to a rural retreat (595), which can be assumed to be a secluded area. This is a common clich that one would suppose in a ghost story. The open window itself can be a symbol of some kind of a boarder between imagination and reality.

The message of he story The Open Window can be as follows: we must be more prudent and farsighted in everything, which we have to deal with, in order not to be misled by circumstances and other people. These similarities and differences are seen in, The Open Window and The Interlopers, both stories written by Saki. However, similarities are more likely to be found in Sakis works. Although, stories have different topics, they do have similarities and differences, like these two stories.

The short narrative The Open Window by Saki gives us a fantastic illustration of how visual aspect. gloss and our naivete can deflect our attending from world and even do injury to our wellness. This narrative besides shows This short story THE OPEN WINDOW is written by SAKI is the pen name of Hector Hugh Munro ( ). He is a british writer. He is famous for his satires of the upper classes. The theme of the story is appearance and reality and deception.

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