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Mary, the Mother of Jesus Essay Mary, The Mother of Jesus By Angelus Djugash Virgin Mary Jesus is God. Jesus was born to Mary. Mary is the mother of God. St. Luke introduces Mary when the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a virgin betrothed to a man Joseph (Lk: 1: 2627). The virgins name was Mary Mary was the virgin mother of our savior Jesus Christ. She was born in One night the angel Gabriel came to Mary while she was at her cousin HER name was Mary, a form of the name Miriam, the famous sister of Moses.

The name was common among Jewish women in those days. A wellknown tradition says she was born in Jerusalem; she was the daughter of Joachim and Ann. Mary grew up mostly in the Jewish settlements of Nazareth, in the hills of History: Jesus and Virgin Mary Essay. Virgin Mary: a) She had authentic free will to either accept or reject the words of the angel who expressed Gods wish for her to become the mother of the Christ. Christians of the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, oriental Church, Anglican Communion and Lutheran churches believe that Mary, as the mother of Jesus, is the mother of God and the Theotokos literally Bearer of God.

Mary, Mother of God, Mother of the Savior, is also the Mother of men and especially the Mother of Christians; she is the Mother of all those for whose sake God became man, for whose redemption our Savior died.

In the movie that we saw during class was about Mary, Mother of Jesus. The following essay will answer the question of Mary's understanding of her role and her understanding of who Jesus was and who he was going to be.

Mary, at times in this movie was extremely confused about things that were

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