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One of these controversial acts was the invocation of the War Measures Act in 1970, an act which suspended the civil liberties of Canadian citizens. More about Trudeaus Overreaction to the October Crisis in Quebec Essay. Quebec Sovereignty Movement Trudeaus Imposition of the WMA in Canada Essay example 1282 Words 6 Pages; Essay Although in recent years Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeaus decision to implement the War Measures Act during the October Crisis of Nineteen Seventy has been marred with criticism and opposition, during the Crisis itself, few of his contemporaries disagreed with his decision to invoke the Act.

The October Crisis of 1970 and the invocation of the War Measures Act was one of the most significant events in the history of Canada. On the fifth of October, James Cross, the British Trade Commissioner, was kidnapped from his Montreal home by a group of young French Canadian terrorists, the Front de Libration du Qubec or FLQ. The War Measures act requested by Premier of Quebec Robert Bourassa, directed by Pierre Trudeau and applied by the Governor General of Canada Roland Michener was a very necessary step to take due to the previous acts of terrorism and threats by the FLQ, prior to October 1970.

The October Crisis was triggered by the abduction of government officials in Quebec, by FLQ members in October 1970. The War Measures Act (WMA) was a law that allowed the government to assume emergency powers in the event of war, invasion or insurrection, real or apprehended (Tetley, 2007). This essay will focus on three areas of importance in protecting our country's safety during the October Crisis of 1970: the protection of high profile politicians that were in danger from the FLQ, the placement of military officers in Quebec City, Montreal, and Ottawa; and the federal government's implementation of the War Measures Act.

These delays may be bypassed in emergencies by enacting the War Measures Act which was passed in 1914 (1). The War Measures Act was used during three major separate occasions: The First World War, the Second World War, and the October Crisis. Was Prime Minister Trudeau justified in invoking the War Measures act during the October Crisis Essay Pierre Elliott Trudeau is one of the most renowned leaders

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