Mettaton ex battle essay

No, You: If you throw out an insult or cussword during the essay portion of his last battle, he throws it back in your face with" This essay is supposed to be describing me, not you. " PeekaBangs: Mettaton EX has his right eye covered with hair, which Dummied Out sprites reveal is because the right part of his face is unfinished. Mettaton Early in the battle, Mettaton asks the protagonist to write an essay about what they like most about him.

[Immediately proceeds to Mettaton EX's fight PreMettaton EX Transformation fight Mettaton is saving your essay for future use. [After essay The first time, I typed something like, I love Mettatons hair, its so shiny and stylish and I got a big bonus for that. And Mettaton told me what products he used on his hair. Mar 27, 2016 I don't think this is all the responses. But I did get most of them. Please excuse. Sep 17, 2015  Boss fight in a pacifist run. Skip navigation Sign in. Mettaton essay responses Duration: UNDERTALE Mettaton EX Fight (Colored Sprite Mod) You go on a date to a seafood restraunt with Mettaton Ex.

Your choices on the date decide your whole future. This switch transforms Mettaton into Mettaton EX and begins the true game show. By taking damage, using popular brand items, or using specific ACTs to raise the Ratings of the show to above 10 000 (or 12 000, if he still has legs), Mettaton stops the battle. Mettaton EX Battle Essay Mettaton EX has an" essay" question where you can type in text and have him comment on it. Unfortunately, typing" x" or" z" ends the essay unless CTRL is held down, leaving some words (in most playthroughs) untypable.

Mettaton EX recognizes answers for" sexy, " " foxy, " and" tantalizing" in his essay question, but since the X and Z keys cannot be inputted without holding CTRL, they are not possible inputs ingame. [4 [5 At the part where you're supposed to write an essay for Mettaton, the spacebar doesn't work for me for some reason. All the other keys work, and I've seen screenshots of other people writing it and there are spaces between their words, so I

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