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Printable Book Report Forms I love that my kids start reading again so much once school starts ( read: Im not so great about convincing them to read over the summer )! And they are finally at the age when they all have to do real book reports. 21 Creative and FUN Ideas for Book Reports!

By Jill 2 Comments One of my fondest memories as a child was creating book reports and sharing my Post a book review on Share What You're Reading. Choose two characters from the story and write a conversation they might have. Write a letter or email to a close friend recommending the book you have just read. Make a list of new, unusual, or interesting words or phrases found in your book. Prepare a television commercial about your book. Examples of Book Report Project Templates: Below: The reading response projects that I have created come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and themes.

Your students will find these uniquely shaped book report projects fun and challenging to complete. grade book report 26 creative book report ideas so many really unique and FUN book. Use this flipbook organizer to scaffold the structure of a Book Report.

The prompts for each of the key elements of a Book Report will help students write effectively and 6 free printable book report templates. Awesome for teachers to use as well as parents. You are here: Home Kid Activities Printable Book Report Template Fun Reading Activity for Kids. Printable Fun easy book reports Report Template Fun Reading Activity for Kids.

By Jillian July 29, 2015 20 easy ways to read 20 minutes everyday; Students especially enjoy creative book reports. These will work for almost any book and are especially good when students are reading independent book selections.

A quick web search will reveal that there are many ideas out there for creative book reports, but they are not all good ideas. Here are, in my opinion, ten of the best creative book report ideas. Books shelved as bookreports: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling, The Maze Runner by James Dashne 25 Extra Large Book Report Templates: These one of a kind book report projects will help you to engage your students in FUN reading activities this school year.

Video tape oral book reports and then have the children take turns taking the video home for all to share. Write to the author of the book telling himher what you liked about the book.

Be Book Report Pen Pals and share book reports with children in another school. Do a costumed presentation of your book.

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