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Address (Date of submission) The Chairperson. Ethics Committee for Humanities. ISSER, University of Ghana. Legon. Dear Chairperson. Application for Ethical Approval Ensure the IRB# and study title is the first page of the cover letter. Note what the action is being requested (e. g.continuing review, request for a modification, etc. ) If the action is an amendment, provide a statement briefly summarizing the amendment.

this document is for Pis and their study coordinators and is an example of a cover letter to be submitted. For the initial request for protocol and consent review, the IRB may require that a specific form be completed and submitted providing a summary of the protocol and other essential study details. If so, the form can be attached to the Sample Submission Letter IRB Chairman Liberty IRB, Inc. 2024 Larchmont Drive DeLand, FL RE: New Submission Dear Chairman, This letter is to request Liberty Institutional Review Board services in the initial and ongoing IRB Appendix Sample Protocol Submission Letter to the Portland Area IHS IRB March 28, 2002 Francine C.

Romero, PhD, MPH, Chair Portland Area Indian Health Service Institutional Review Board Informed consent cover letter for anonymous surveys or research when signed consent is waived.

Instructions& Checklist for Basic Informed Consent Form Use this document for assistance in developing your informed consent form. Sample IRB application relevant for those conducting surveys. HUMAN REVIEW BOARD ACTION cover letter to a questionnaire) andor secure permission to conduct research from participating institutions. Categories of Exempt Research a) Research conducted in established or The forms, templates, and additional resources and information designed to assist you with your IRB submission are found here.

The forms, templates, and additional resources and information designed to assist you with your IRB submission are found here. Cover Letter for Internet Research; Child (712) Assent Template (to be used in SAMPLE COVER LETTER (Date) Thomas Blok, MD Chair, West Michigan Cancer Center IRB co Marybeth Peters West Michigan Cancer Center& Institute for Blood Disorders 200 N. Park Street Kalamazoo MI Dear Dr. Blok, I am submitting the following research proposal for review by the West Michigan Cancer Center Institutional Review Board Instructions, Forms, and Samples The electronic submission system, iRIS, or have general questions about preparing a submission to the IRB contact one of the individuals noted above.

Sample Cover Letter for a Survey Study

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