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A anecdote is basically a very short story that adds to a topic. Clear examples and definition of Anecdote. This article will show you the importance of using Anecdote Essential AP Language and Composition Terms The following list of 37 terms, based on consulting both the AP English Language and Composition Course and Exam Description and freeresponse material from past years, provides an important overview of the major AP Lang rhetorical devices and techniques you need to know.

AP English Language Vocabulary. Vocabulary for AP English Language. STUDY. PLAY. Anecdote. A short story used to illustrate a point the author is making. AP English Literary Terms. 118 terms. Rhetorical Terms. 200 terms. AP English Language and Composition, Barron's Glossary Terms.

anecdote. A short account (or narrative) of an interesting or amusing incident, often intended to illustrate or support some point. conclusion, brings essay to a close, " So what does it all mean? " climax. The most intense, exciting, or important point of something; a culmination or apex. AP Random Literary and Rhetorical Terms pt 2. AP Language Rhetorical Analysis Terms. Abstract and Concrete Anecdote. a brief narrative or story. Antithesis Rhetorical Analysis Essay; AP Language Rhetorical Analysis; 100 Key Terms: AP English Language and Composition; Search.

Latest Blog Posts. How to Write a Critical Analysis. Essay Writing; Poems and Poets; Definition of Anecdote. Anecdote is defined as a short and interesting story, or an amusing event, often proposed to support or demonstrate some point, and to make the audience laugh. Anecdotes can include an extensive range of tales and stories. In fact, it is a short description or an account of Glossary of Terms AP English Language and Composition Originated by Margaret Lee, Woodward Academy, Atlanta, Georgia V.

Stevenson, AP Lang.PHHS AP Glossary of Lit and Rhetorical Terms 1 AP Language and Composition Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Devices Active Voice The subject of the sentence performs the action.

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