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The" original affluent society" is a theory postulating that huntergatherers were the original affluent society. This theory was first articulated by Marshall Sahlins at a symposium entitled" Man the Hunter" in 1966. [1 Marshall Sahlins Huntergatherers consume less energy per capita per year than any other group of human beings. Yet when you come to examine it the original affluent society was none other than the hunter's in which all (Part 1) Updated 4 March 2013 Week 02 Huntergatherers as The Original Affluent Socieity Readings.

McNeill& McNeill, The Human Web, 125; Marshall Sahlins, The Original Affluent Society, in Stone Age Economics (London: Tavistock, 1974), 139. The Original Affluent Society: Reaction Marshall Sahlins sets forth a rather intriguing argument in his article entitled The Original Affluent Society.

He makes the bold, yet convincing statement that huntergatherers have the best methods of living in regard to many aspects of human existence. " original affluent society. " The main features of this thesis now seem to be widely with Marshall Sahlins, who came up with the catchy characterization that seems to THE DARKER SIDE OF THE" ORIGINAL AFFLUENT SOCIETY" Sahlins the original affluent society thesis OF ANTHROPOLOGICAL RESEARCH.

In reexamining Sahlins's" the original affluent society" BirdDavid raises broad economic and cultural issues with respect to hunting and gathering societies. I com ment primarily on the former with brief reference to work that I undertook in western Arnhem Land among Gunwingguspeaking huntergatherers in 1979 and 1980. Huntergatherers emerged from the" Man the Hunter" conference in 1966 as the" original affluent society.

" The main features of this thesis now seem to be widely accepted by anthropologists In his article, " The Original Affluent Society, " Marshall Sahlins shows that huntergatherer societies are by nature affluent because" all the people's material wants were easily satisfied.

" Their low standard of living, and correspondingly few material needs, implies that the basic necessities of huntergatherers are usually met. The Original Affluent Society by Marshall Sahlins is an essay of wideranging erudition whose persuasive power largely derives from two extended examples: the Australian Aborigines and the! Kung Bushmen.

The Original Political Society. 21 May 2016. Marshall Sahlins is one of the most respected living anthropologists. His 1972 essay The Original Affluent Society was seminal in beginning to shift our ideas of huntergatherer cultures away from the naive perspective typified by Thomas Hobbes: that their lives were solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

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