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Resumes TOP 10 RESUME GUIDELINES 1 Proofread to eliminate spelling or grammatical errors. 2 Resumes should generally be 1 page; however, 2 pages are acceptable in some circumstances.

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology expected May 2012 GPA: RELEVANT COURSEWORK: Organizational Behavior Industrial Psychology Social Psychology European Civilization and Culture STRENGTHS Customer Service: Six years of experience in tactfully handling customer concerns. Quick thinker and detailoriented Analytical: Solid analytical and problemsolving skills Research and investigation skills. Able to make Where can I find a Oregon State University Cascades Bachelor of Science in Psychology resume example in Portland, Oregon?

This is an actual resume example of a Bachelor of Science in Psychology who works in the Psychology Industry. LiveCareer has Psychology resumes in its database. Psychology graduate resume This free sample resume for a psychology graduate has an accompanying psychology graduate sample cover letter to help you put together a winning job application. Anita Stallwell Sample Psychology Resume and CV Below is a sample psychology resume and CV that employ the principles and techniques discussed above.

The first resume, directly below, is for a psychology graduate a few years out of Though you have been a major in psychology, after you receive your bachelor's degree you won't be applying for jobs as a psychologist.

Psychology Majors, as well as psychologists themselves, often fail to recognize what skills they actually have, or find it difficult to articulate these skills.

Is a bachelor of arts degree in psychology worth it? Is it possible to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree after graduation with a Bachelor of Science degree?

Which degree is more employable: a bachelor of arts in philosophy or a bachelor of science in sociology? A resume has about 10 seconds in front of a recruiter before they decide whether you're a good candidate for an interview. Providing all pertinent information, such as Bachelor of arts psychology resume college education, gives you an advantage over an applicant without this.

Adding a Bachelor's degree on your resume shows the recruiter that you not Bachelor of Arts programs in psychology cover several areas of the field, such as abnormal, physiological and developmental psychology. Some programs offer a concentration in a relevant field Curiosity is the raw ingredient of knowledge. It causes us to ask questions, to seek answers, to learn.

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