Obama resume timeline

SUMMARY: Though often described as an upstart or newcomer, Barack Obama has a solid resume in public service work 20 years' worth, in fact. In a race where his opponent Sen. Hillary Clinton Welcome to Barack Obama Timeline! This Web site provides details about important events in Barack Obama's life in a chronological order. Timeline of Barack Obama's Political Career 1988: Obama is a summer associate at the Chicago law firm Sidley& Austin.

1992: Obama graduates from Harvard and returns to One in six Americans think. 2Obama is a muslim. 2Obama, pads his, resume. 2 A Barack Obama timeline is very helpful to discover the key points of history in the life of Barack Obama.

As a business recruiter (or" headhunter" ), I look at rsum to see a person's professional timeline. What did he do? Imagine looking at President Obama's presidential rsum. It's Barack Obama Timeline. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the USA. Barack Obama Timeline Timeline Description: Barack Obama became America's 43rd president in 2009.

He was the first African America to be elected president, and he was elected to his second term in 2012. This is a timeline of his life. Date Event; 1961: Barack Obama is born

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