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For example, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach [Russell and Norvig, 1995 gives a good description of the A and other search algorithms, which can be used to find the leastcost (shortest) path between two nodes in a graph. Research on artificial intelligence in the last two decades has greatly improved performance of both manufacturing and service systems.

Currently, there is a dire need for an article that presents a holistic literature survey of worldwide, theoretical frameworks and practical experiences in the field of artificial intelligence. A Literature Review of Artificial Intelligence concepts is a crucial part of Artificial Intelligence.

Hard coding an accurate response for every possible stimuli a machine will ever receive is nearly impossible when trying to create a machine Artificial Intelligence Literature Review By Shruthi Anand This literature review is a first step in understanding the existing paradigms and debates The idea of artificial intelligence was crystallized by Alan Turing, in his famous 1950s paper Artificial Intelligence Print Edition There is no technical means of reproduction that, up to now, has managed to surpass the mirror and the dream.

look at me, I said to the glass in a whisper, a breath. Literature Review of Artificial Intelligence and KnowledgeBased Expert Systems in Buildings and HVAC& R System Design.

In ASHRAE Winter Meetings CD, Technical and Symposium Papers. In ASHRAE Winter Meetings ground on artificial intelligence (AI) methods, and a literature review of KBES applied to engineering design.

The background section covers definitions, different search methods, different methods to represent knowledge, a background of different types of associated tools, and an introduction to engineering design models.

Artificial Intelligence Literature Review With origins dating back to the 1950s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not necessarily new. However, interest in AI has been rekindled over the last few years, in no small measure due to the rapid advancement of the technology and its applications to real world scenarios. Artificial Intelligence Review Articles Recently published review articles from Artificial Intelligence Review Articles Autonomous agents modelling other agents: A comprehensive survey and open problems Artificial Intelligence Review publishes stateoftheart research reports and critical evaluations of applications, techniques and algorithms in artificial intelligence, cognitive science and related disciplines.

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