Can a chiropractor write a prescription

A 2003 survey of North American chiropractors found that a slight majority favored allowing them to write prescriptions for overthecounter drugs. A 2010 survey found that 72 of Swiss chiropractors considered their ability to prescribe nonprescription medication as an advantage for chiropractic treatment.

How can the answer be improved? A chiropractor may write a prescription for overthecounter medications that a person can purchase without a prescription. According to Chiropractor. com, a chiropractor cannot prescribe medication unless he or she obtains another degree in osteopathy or medicine. Chiropractic care is a form of alternative medicine. D octors of Chiropractic are not licensed to write medical prescriptions or perform surgery in the United States.

Their philosophy as a natural healing profession dictates otherwise and strives to avoid the potential dangerous side effects of medications. May 10, 2007 He is in a lot of pain and I told him he should ask his Chiropractor to write a prescription for pain medication for him. My boyfriend told me that he didn't think they could write pain medication prescriptions, but since his Chiropractor's title is" Doctor" I told him I thought that he could.

Doctors of Chiropractic are not licensed to write medical prescriptions or perform surgery in the United States. They rely instead on a variety of manual treatments.

Dr. Deberardino responded: Not generally. Commonconditions that chiropractors treat are back pain, neck pain, headache, legarm pain, peripheral joint problems (eg: impingments, strains, sprains), peripheral neuropothies (eg: carpal tunnelsyndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome), vertigodizziness, whiplash, etc.

Chiropractors are also well trained in nutrition and exercise, and as such can offer a Yes a dentist can write a prescription for antibiotics when they are necessary within the scope of hisher practice. Generally a dentist will prescribe painkillers after an or al operation such as a wisdom tooth extraction. Are chiropractors certified to write pain medication prescriptions?

Update Cancel. Is there an online doctor that can write prescriptions for non narcotic and narcotic pain medicine? Ask New Question. The more proper question would be" are chiropractors LICENSED to write pain medication prescriptions? " Either way, the answer is" No". They receive extra training in exercise prescriptions, corrective exercises, advanced nutrition, and dietary and lifestyle intervention.

Wellness chiropractic physicians are specially trained to incorporate chiropractic treatment into complex medical care, working with your primary care doctor and specialists.

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