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Self Employed Consultants provide advice to clients from various industries and help them improve their business operations. Examples of Self Employed Consultant duties include assessing client situation, analyzing business operations, identifying solutions and devising plans, and assisting clients with plan implementation.

How can the answer be improved? Sep 22, 2015 Although it can be frightening to make the leap from freelance to inhouse employment, you can boost your odds of getting hired by building a strong resume that reflects your experiences as a selfemployed individual. This article will assist you in listing self employment in a resume with tips and examples. If you have been self employed for a while and now wish to come back to the workforce, but arent sure what to write or how Your time spent selfemployed should be listed on your resume to account for your career timeline and to avoid raising red flags for a potential employer.

1. List selfemployment as you would any other job. Have you been selfemployed and are now looking to reenter the workforce? Get expert advice on how to list self employment on a resume and Self Employed Auto Entrepreneur Resume samples Work Experience.

Executive Assistant to Project Manager, Ernst& Young (Mar 2004 Oct 2004) Engineering Office Manager Accounting Assistant, Sheraton Hotel Starwood Hotels& Resorts (Feb 2003 I was self employed for the past 8 years, and tried to enter back into the workforce about 6 months ago. I applied for upwards of 100 positions using an owner title on my resume, and only got 2 phone calls and 1 interview.

Updating a resume can be frustrating and difficult but updating your resume when you have been self employed and for a period and now want to reenter the corporate world can be more difficult. I would love to help you create your resume.

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