How to write pillar content

A piece of cornerstone content, or often referred to as a pillar article, is simply a page or post on your blog about a specific topic. The post or page is designed to be comprehensive, meaning to cover literally everything How to write pillar content can the answer be improved? While writing pillar content, it is important to write only headings or highlights of the content first, then expand it and form a long post.

This saves your time while writing a long pillar content. Include case studies, stories and humour in your blog posts. It makes reading enjoyable for your readers and makes them read your blog post fully. However, we can compete by providing great content to our audience. Pillar content is content that provides value and attracts readers to your art blog and guides them to your website.

If the content that you write does not grab your readers attention, they will leave before they even learn your name. How to Write Blog Posts Using Pillar Content. When it comes to how to write blog posts, we turn to Probloggers Guide to Your First Week of Blogging where he discusses the concept of pillar content and how it is vital to writing compelling content.

Coming up with post ideas can come easily to many bloggers. The content pillar approach to content marketing is the method of creating one very big piece of content, from which smaller assets can be derived.

This provides marketers with relevant material to support the ongoing promotion and distribution of the main piece, without having to create dozens of unique assets. When creating your first topic cluster, I recommend creating a 10x content pillar page. A 10x content pillar page is a deep dive on a core topic.

The format is similar to an ungated ebook or guide with a packaged downloadable resource of the pages content for people who want to print or save the information.

An efficient way to create the 10x content So, in order to make your blog standout, you must have to create quality content. Pillar Articles are Longer: As pillar articles have been written to offer genuine value to readers or to solve their problems, it usually becomes longer.

Pillar articles not only provide value to readers but also add value to your blog. Pillar content is the core of your online writing successthe content that pretty much sums up what you have to say from now until kingdom come.

These pillar articles are the backbone of your philosophy; your brand. They will support and thoroughly flesh out your ideas, your creative process, and your business endeavors. When creating pillar content youve got to write backwards. Sounds a bit crazy, right? However, I find that reverse engineering the process is the best way to keep your pillar blog post focused and streamlined.

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