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Writing an Effective Press Release What follows are some basic guidelines for writing effective press releases, based on many years of being on Follow up your media release with a phone call.

Sample media release. 18 November 2008. Media release for immediate use. No Town Ties Up White Ribbon Day.

Eightyearold Jamie Brown will be helping to tie white ribbons around lamp posts in No Town in the lead up to White Ribbon Day on 25 November. How to write a media release Its important to think about which media you are targeting are you going to send this to a local community newspaper or a national paper like The New Zealand Herald or The Dominion Post?

Whatever your background, as a business (particularly an online business) you will at some point have the need to get a press release (also called a news release or media release) out to the market and you will be hoping to Editors receive hundreds of releases a day and a good headline catches their eye and ensures they realise the contents quickly. At the end of the release add For further information, contact. . The contact details should include name and telephone number, including an afterhours number.

The editor must have somebody to call to answer Welcome to the Press Release and Media Writing Course at NZ Writers College. Learn to write effective and standout press releases for this competitive and expanding field. You can write on suggested topics, or use copy drawn from Tourism New Zealand has an email address for receiving media releases; this is the preferred channel for you to communicate information relevant to media.

Please feel free to add [email protected] govt. nz to your media release distribution list. Marketing& Communications Centre Marketing Essentials Help Sheets Writing a Media Release Writing a Media Release The ability to compile an informative, enticing and wellwritten media release is an invaluable one for community groups and organisations to possess.

Here is a basic media release template which you can use to write a great media release. MEDIA RELEASE Date. Headline The headline of a media release should be catchy, interesting and summarise the key points of the story. It is designed to catch a journalists attention and encourage them to read the whole thing.

Ensure you bold it. The 6 Essential Points of How to Write A Press Release for An Event. 1. Headline. Subscribe to Social Media Today to get the mustread news& insights in your inbox. Email: Social Media Today. The mustread news, updates, and insights into all things social media marketing. Daily;

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