Essay dignity of labor

Those who love it rise in life, but those who despise labour remain static and lag behind to shed tears, later on. A laborious man is honest and persevering.

A laborious man is honest and persevering. Dignity of Labor. What is Dignity of Labor? Dignity of Labor means that all occupation, whether involving intellect or physical labor, deserves equal respect and dignity. No job should be considered superior or inferior. Every job that is dutifully done with honesty and sincerity deserves appreciation.

Dignity Political, ethical, moral and legal area uses the defined concept of dignity as to express the right to be valued, respected and to receive positive treatment from the society. In modern era, dignity is defined as an approach of enlightenment towards the concept of inalienable and inherent rights.

The dignity of labor is more than high because labor means to serve others, and serving others, serving the nation, serving the world is more respectable, honorable, and admirable than any other act.

The dignity of Labour also means Dignity of Work. It means that all the types of work should be treated equally and there is no difference in any kind of work. No job should be considered superior to another. 'Work is worship' is one of the truest proverbs.

The idea contained in the saying is this that all labour, manual or otherwise, is full of dignity and nobility. It equals work with prayer. It emphasizes the point that empty verbal prayers are not as valuable as real achievement in any fields. Dignity of Labour: Shouldnt an honest and descent job be enough? Work is work; no work is superior or lower in itself. It is absolutely wrong to consider any work as high or low.

The work itself is a dignity and every work has some dignity attached to it. The meaning of dignity of labour every kind of work is dignified.

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