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Oct 20, 2017  Topic: Question for sponsorship letter: Dear Mr. (first or last? ) name, I was wondering whether you would put the first or last name. For example, Dr. John Doe is a prospect sponsor. So. Dear Dr. John, or Salutation in a Cover Letter If you know the person's name: When applying for a job, it is very important to know the name of the addressee and address himher personally. If you don't know the gender identity of the person you're addressing, use a genderneutral greeting and simply include their first and last name, e.

g." Dear Tristan Dolan. " Quite a few letter salutations are appropriate for business and For people you know well or are on a first name basis with use their first name only. For a business acquaintance or associate, use their first name if you met them more than once and addressed them by their first name.

For potential employers, use Mr.Ms. or Dr. (unless you have been instructed otherwise). Cover letter openings Write a formal greeting, such as Dear Ms.

Alvis or Dear Mr. Yang. If you're unsure of the persons gender and cant find out, write the full name, as in Dear Chu Li or Dear Chris Beltran. Unless you know for sure that the culture of the company is more casual, use the hiring managers first and last name, including a Mr. or Ms. (e. g.Mr. Jack Smith). Most letters I see still use the Dear greeting, though Ive seen a growing trend of people dropping it and starting with Hello or just the name.

Cover letters should be addressed to the individual assigned to the review of your application. In most cases, the job listing will include a name or title of who the candidate will be reporting to. Here at Careers and Employment, we are often asked how to address a cover letter. Its a seemingly small thing but a correctly addressed (and formatted) letter will make a better first impression.

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