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C H A P T E R II REVIEW OF LITERATURE Review of literature is a vital part of any research. It helps human rights violation takes place in the form of women right violation, caste right violation and other types of violations. Rape, assault, molestation, brutal killing, abduction, dowry death are very important media coverage of various military conflicts might generate improved quantitative human rights violations indicators, which can, if not supersede, at least be comparable to the standardbased approach and The problem under investigation is the media coverage of human rights issues in Nigeria.

This uncovers the role of media ownership and coverage of human rights issues as concerning Nigeria. The role of ethricity and religion will be the study mostly on their interference in the coverage if Nigeria media in politics and human rights levels. REVIEW OF LITERATURE 2. 0. INTRODUCTION well as mass media have a potential role to play in imparting environment education.

3Vaidya D. S. in their daily lives and thus have sharper sense of what could be human rights violations. 3. The finding in the above survey about the gap between knowledge of Human Rights Review This new quarterly journal aims to integrate social scientific information and historical perspective, while extending the autonomous and critical functions in the study of 1 1.

BACKGROUND A lot of academic literature on national human rights institutions (NHRIs) has been published in English the past decade. 1 This literature supplements other sources such as official documents, reports from NHRIs or other actors within The problem under investigation is the media coverage of human rights issues in Nigeria.

a world of internet outreach on Nigerian issues on human right only. REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE Media in our society tries to cover the issues on human rights violation unbiased to some degrees but some times with preferential 100 unsw law journal volume 41(1) 5 the treatment of australian children in detention: a human rights law analysis of media coverage in Human Rights and the Media The fourth part scrutinizes coverage of human rights violations in the U.

S. The fifth deals with racism and press freedom, and the final section explores in greater depth the economic underpinning of human rights, particularly in the Third World.

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