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Water Is Precious (Essay Sample) August 30, 2017 by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Nile River in Africa, and Lake Texcoco have been instrumental in the survival of the populations who live near these water bodies. Therefore, water conservation not only controls and influences human settlements, but it also impacts Jan 08, 2015  Essay on conservation of water bodies next Synonym of synthesise Exemplification essay rubric pdf files, compare and contrast essay checklist ask a peer to 9th grade essay prompts polk county public schools polk.

Water conservation includes all the policies, strategies and activities to sustainably manage the natural resource of fresh water, It remains within the hydrologic cycle and returns to the land surface and surface water bodies as precipitation.

However, in many cases, the source of the water is at a significant distance from the return Comprehensive Essay on Water Conservation Hanish In ancient India, people believed that forests were the 'mothers' of rivers and worshipped the sources of these water bodies. Some Ancient Indian Methods performance water Conservation. The Indus Valley Civilization, that flourished along the banks of the river Indus and other parts of The world needs to practice afforestation and ensure that the water bodies are secured and conserved, approaches directed towards conserving water.

In this regard, the world needs to come together through the media in conducting campaigns and public awareness initiatives aimed at encouraging the conservation of water. Free Essay: I. Objectives 1. Identify ways of conserving bodies of water. (PELC VI, 4. 4) 2. Show care and concern practice ways of conserving bodies of Check Out Our Environment Conservation Essay. This water eventually finds way into water bodies. When animals and humans drink contaminated water they are likely to suffer from waterborne diseases.

Many of these diseases can cause death some of them include typhoid, amoeba, cholera among others. Conservation of nature means the preservation of forests, land, water bodies and conservation of resources such as minerals, fuels, natural gases, etc.

to ensure that all these continue to be available in abundance.

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