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Feb 19, 2011 Best Answer: If you are undecided on your view about religion and war, then discount it. You will never be able to write an essay on something you don't understand fully. Religion doesn't cause war, politics does. Stick to the one you know the most about and can put enough good points behind it to get the Aug 13, 2013 Best Answer: presented in their enitrety, the web page (below) provides: 20 Interesting Discursive Essay Topic Discursive essays are written to solve a particular problem, when teachers want the students to enhance their problem solving skill; discursive essay are then assigned to them.

Jan 27, 2011  Best Answer: Hello. Discursive Essay Plan Paragraph 1 Introduction Your first paragraph should: be a general introduction. Dont include specific points from the main body of the argument include a response to the title.

You may need to identify the issues that lie behind the title, to give Apr 26, 2014 I need a discursive essay topic for English, not anything really common like capital punishment and abortion etc. : ) Dec 14, 2012 Discursive essay ideas?

I would like to do a topic that's interesting, topical, and one that is not overdone. An essay on something to do with The Film Industry would be perfect but not overly important. May 05, 2008  As it said in the Title? Easy researchable topic.

Good argument. Easy to talk about. Please leave alternative websites to help me Posted by David Tucker to. Writing Tips; When you almost sank into despair and nearly lost all your hope and optimism you finally found Mar 03, 2011  Yahoo Singapore Answers I am writing a discursive essay on Animal Experimentation. I am against it and i am not sure how to start off my essay.

Could anyone help? Thanks: ) What are good topics to Aug 29, 2010 I have a discursive essay due in this week and I have no idea what topic to choose! We have been told to choose a topic which has not been over used such as capital punishment, euthanasia, celebrities, animal cruelty and any topic involving animals really. Any interesting ideas would be appreciated thanks!

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