How to write short science fiction

Short Science Fiction is a lot of fun to write. Short fiction can be anywhere from 2 to 40 pages, and can be anything from a complete chronicle of events to a brief sketch of an encounter. The key to writing short stories is to have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish and sticking to it.

Apr 22, 2012 With these tips and guidelines, you will be on your way to becoming a stellar science fiction short story writer. Writing Short Stories: The Basics The approach to writing a short story is different in many ways from the technique of writing a novel.

So, youre a SciFi nerd. Youve got subscriptions to Asimovs, Lightspeed, and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and you read each and every issue cover to cover.

Your dogs name is Bradbury, your cats name is Huxley, and your three goldfish Orson, Scott, and Card live in a starship shaped fishbowl.

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