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Psst … remember us?

Beryl’s Sweetheart, Deccy, has been missing his Princess.  His lovely Girl-Friend, Puddles, has been doing her best to keep him from getting too down in the dumps and doing a great job:)  But Beryl, and a few people, have been nagging at me to do a blog post so here we are at last.  We’d like to thank our friends who’ve popped in to ask how we are.  I know I’ve missed heaps but I’m not going to attempt to catch up on blog reading, I’d never get time to write another blog post if I did that:)  After 2 months away I’ve forgotten how things work so this might take even longer than usual:)

I won’t bore you with any moving details, suffice to say that I don’t recommend anyone attempts tidying two jungles, cleaning 2 houses and moving 2 houses consecutively.  It’s mentally and physically exhausting.  Add to that spending considerable number of hours lopping the large hedge in the new place which gave me some sort of RSI and my right arm almost gave out on me.

This is some of two weeks work going up in smoke:)

Then 2 weeks without internet.  But hey, it’s all been worth it:)  I do hope I never have to do it again though, lol!

We all love our new home.  It’s warm, light and big.

Enjoying the morning sunshine

The front lawn is a wonderful playground for Frankie and Beryl.  They tear around and have the best time, and they’ve started playing together again, which they haven’t done for ages.

This is their favourite toy:)

Stanley has been here a few times and he reckons it’s Greyhound Heaven!

Chasie on the front lawn:)

Stanley’s Mum and Dad, Sarah and Chris, have spent quite a few hours here helping me with all manner of things … sometimes things I didn’t know I needed help with!  E.g I didn’t know my vintage ride-on mower was almost out of oil, Chris to the rescue!  Or that my chimney didn’t have a ‘lid’ on top to stop the rain going down it.  Again, Chris to the rescue:)  He’s New Zealand’s version of McGyver!

I also had help from lots of other friends, probably most notable being when I’d got my old, heavy fridge out of the house and onto the patio at Feilding, but couldn’t get it down the steps.  Who comes to my rescue this time but a spunky 70 year old girlfriend:)  Between us we wrestled it down the steps and into the van without injury to either us or the fridge!  Pat is one lady who is going to wear out, not rust out:)

Our closest neighbour is Jennifer, who owns the airfield across the road.  A couple of weeks ago I went over for morning tea and she gave me a tour of the hangars.  I got to sit in her little 2 seater plane which she and her late husband built.  People kind of park their planes at her place like people park their cars in garages.  Here’s one who lives over there

Cute as a button! Not much bigger than a microlite:)

Some days there are quite a few planes coming and going, other times there won’t be any for days.  Thankfully neither Frankie or Beryl are bothered by them.  Today we had something different fly in.

A big, noisy Air Force helicopter:)
Landing in the airfield

This flew low over the house and I expected Frankie and Beryl to be a bit concerned about all the noise …

Beryl's reaction, very ho hum:)

It’s good to know that if any helicopters fly in while I’m at work they’re not going to panic about them:)

So, what have I been doing while I’ve been neglecting our blog and blogging friends?  Quite a lot of winding down and relaxing and enjoying being here.  The inside of the house needs redecorating and at night I’ve been reading lots of House and Garden type magazines from the library and op shops for ideas.  During the day there’s things to do in the garden when it’s fine.  That needs an overhaul but I’m not sure where to go with it yet.  Of course, I have to plant a tree for Beryl to trance in:)  And I’ve still got so much stuff that needs to be unpacked and sorted but no hurry for that.  I’ve found all the essentials.

Then I recently discovered home/furniture renovation blogs, lol.  I’m doing my best to stay away from them.  Actually, it’s only been 3 weeks since I finished moving everything from Feilding.  Up til then I was making at least daily trips with loads of stuff.

You’d think since we moved in here proper that we’d be down the beach every day.  But  it’s been very spasmodic up til the past few days as I’d get outside and start doing something (the weather has been fantastic up til a week ago) and the days would just go without F&B getting a walk.  But we’ve been going every day lately and, needless to say, we all have a great time.

But the BEST fun is in the sand dunes where Beryl goes and does

pig dog stuff with Frankie
Frankie going up
Beryl jumping down
She's getting better at stuff other than running now:)
And very proud of herself. lol!
Wait for me, Frankie!
Frankie is in Pig Dog heaven in the dunes
Hey Mum, there's bunnies down here!
And he dug for about 40 minutes trying to find them:)
Having a breather
And a shake

It eventually occurred to me that there was a possibility the cave he’d dug could collapse on him so I put him on a lead next time he came up for air and got him away.  Beryl might be able to run faster than Frankie but she’ll never be able to dig holes like him!

Although …

She has been doing some practicing in the front lawn:)

Some things never change, once I get started I find it hard to stop:)  OK, I’m going to stop being a stranger and get back into the loop … tomorrow!  Time we hit the sack now.  Beryl sends her love, Deccy, and she’s very glad the pumpkin worked;) xxxx

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  1. Georgia Little Pea

    Yes YES! We remember you and missed you heaps! I’m so glad you’re back (sort of). No doubt it’ll take a while to get fully back into blogging. Maybe you’ll have so much fun in your new playground, you won’t bother 🙂 I can’t imagine moving two houses simultaneously. My sister just moved into her new place TODAY and she’s been freaking out since December lol.

    Frankie and Beryl look like they’re having FUN! Are there really bunnies there? Pigdog and greyhound heaven! Gosh, I’d better stop rabbiting on.

    WELCOME BACK, SUE! SO great to hear from you again. BIg hugs xox
    Georgia Little Pea recently posted..The rest of our holiday OR a lesson in why spontaneity is highly over rated.

  2. Declan

    Oh boy! First I get a photo and now you’ve blogged…. I am weak!!! It’s great to have you back, but who can blame you for not blogging with your lovely new house and that beach to play on?! Big kisses to Beryl… Deccy x
    Declan recently posted..Power of the Pumpkin……

  3. Michelle

    So good to hear from you! Glad you are settled and the dogs seem to be enjoying their new place. Looking forward to new stories!
    Michelle recently posted..Tom Update

  4. jcp

    Welcome Back! Your dogs are now officially in heaven. Wonderful photos. I’m so glad you were able to realize this dream.
    jcp recently posted..Bambi and Thumper

  5. Sue

    So glad you are in and getting settled. Looks like Frankie and Beryl have taken the move in their stride.

    Loving the shot of Beryl in the dunes with her ears up:)

  6. Crystal

    Welcome back to the blogging world! We missed you, and look forward to seeing all your new adventures!

  7. Caron

    It’s so good to hear from you and see how you all are doing. The new place looks great and it sounds like you’re getting settled in. That is really cool that Frankie and Beryl are playing more. They must love the new home too. The pictures are great. I know it can be bad for a yard, but I just love watching dogs dig. 🙂
    Caron recently posted..Desert Botanical Garden

  8. Tucker's Mom

    So glad you guys are back!!!!
    Tucker’s Mom recently posted..Friday Maintenance Post

  9. Robin Eichert

    Love all the pictures and stories of your move. Looks like everyone is settling in wonderfully. Congratulations on accomplishing all your hard work making everyone so happy!

  10. Stanley's Mum

    And it is in a great spot, quiet, spacious, near the coast, huge garden for Frankie, Beryl and friends to sprint around in (for some reason Stanley gets the zoomies when he’s there). And as Sue says the house is really light and sunny and the dogs even have their own self contained flat with enclosed garden for when mum is away and the whole property is surrounded by paddocks.

  11. Stanley's Mum

    ps. we hope to be visiting again (with toolbox) soon.

  12. genjiscorner

    So glad to see you’re back. The kids really seem to love the new digs. I don’t have nearly as good a reason for not blogging in a while.

  13. 24 Paws of Love

    So glad to hear from you. We have missed all of you! Glad the move went so well. Such a pain, isn’t it? Sounds like a wonderful place and glad the dogs are scared of the planes and choppers. Hope you are settling in well. Looks like the dogs feel right at home. 🙂

  14. erin

    Glad to have you back! Can’t wait to read about more adventures:)
    erin recently posted..2012 Contributors

  15. Trina

    I remember the pain of moving..it does eat up a lot of time! but the new place looks awesome! I love the photo of Beryl looking over the weeds..so cute!!!!
    Trina recently posted..Grapehounds 2012

  16. Angela J

    So nice to see you all! Everyone looks very happy with the new house; it looks like a beautiful place!! Veil, Maddy and Beckett would love to come o play in your garden and beaches; do you think Beryl and Frankie would mind bunkmates for a week or two? Maybe we could get one of those helicopters to fly us, LOL…
    Angela J recently posted..Check-ups

  17. Never Say Never GHs

    I’m glad you love new house! Great play pics as usual!
    Never Say Never GHs recently posted..Miami Movie Shoot – Take 1

  18. Maureen Irvine

    Solo says: Delighted to see you again, Beryl… :-O The last time my Mum moved house alone it was 12,000 miles from Greece to New Zealand! (That sounds like a long way to me…) You are looking as gorgeous as always (and Frankie doesn’t look too bad, either).

  19. Pamela

    So glad to know you survived the move(s) and all the work surrounding them. Sounds like you have some wonderful friends, both old and new, in your life.

    I did a little survey on my blog last week asking people if they decorate house around their animals. One of the respondents sent me a link to her Pinterest page dedicated to doggy decor. Beryl and Frankie would never forgive you if you spent all your time reading House and Garden and didn’t consider them. So here’s the link to check out: http://pinterest.com/newfandhound/dog-design-for-the-home/. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

    Good luck getting the new place ready for winter.
    Pamela recently posted..Doggy Decorating Dilemmas – The Results Are In

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit

      I was having a quick catch up on your blog last night, Pamela, and checked the link out. Was wishing I’d seen your survey:) It’s just as well I’ll be redecorating and not renovating or I could see some radical ‘improvements’ being done to Frankie and Beryl’s tastes. Not that most things don’t revolve around them as it is:)

  20. Emma

    Hmmm, in that 3rd picture some doggie is going to get boinked if the other lets go. Those are really good close ups of Beryl and Frankie.

    I can’t believe how gigantic that hole is. Wow!!

    Glad to see you all back in Blogville. Can’t wait for another post.


  21. Lilli

    What a coincidence 😀 Just yesterday I was thinking of you and wondered how you are. And now this post 🙂
    I wish you happy days in the new house and lots of new adventures!

    Lilli recently posted..Lewis Carroll: Liisan seikkailut ihmemaassa / Lewis Carroll:Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

  22. Jane Ruscoe

    So glad you are back. I have missed your posts, but understand how busy you must have been.
    Jane Ruscoe recently posted..Bathing Beauties

  23. Sue

    I’ve given you a blog award. Swing by my blog to collect it.

  24. Amy@GoPetFriendly

    I love that photo of the dogs cuddled in the sunshine. It looks like you’re all settling in nicely. Congratulations on the new home!
    Amy@GoPetFriendly recently posted..Happy Birthday, Buster!

  25. Ana

    Welcome back and it’s so good to hear from you again! You’ve been busy and I’m sure you had fun. Beryl and Frankie too!
    Ana recently posted..land of nod review

  26. Christie

    It is a good thing that Frankie and Beryl are not freaking out at the sight or hear of the helicopters. My pooch is overreacting at the mere sight of a motorcycle.
    Christie recently posted..how to paint in acrylics the right way

  27. Michelle

    Yeah!!! You are back to blogging! Glad to see you are settling in nicely. 🙂