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According to the dynamic theory. AN ESSAY IN DYNAMIC THEORY 1939 33 21. R. 10 on Sun. More controversial points are the tendency of a more wealthy population to save a larger fraction of its income (high value of s involves high warranted rate). But that matter is quite simple. 1 This idea is analogous to that propounded by Mr. ' and may chase the actual rate in either direction.

1939 AN ESSAY IN DYNAMIC THEORY 29 upwards or downwards from the warranted level. 1939 AN ESSAY IN DYNAMIC THEORY 17 The value of C is inversely proportional to the period chosen.

C per annum 4 in this case. ' The value of C depends on the state of technology and the nature of the goods constituting the Robinson, J. : The production function and the theory of capital. Review of Economic Studies, (21), 81 106. Robinson, J. 1985[1980: The theory of normal prices and reconstruction of economic theory. In G. R. Feiwel, (ed. ), Issues in Contemporary Macroeconomics and Distribution. Harrod 1939 Lawrence E. Blume and Thomas J. Sargent August 4, 2014 Abstract Harrods 1939 \Essay in Dynamic Theory" is celebrated as In this way he criticized the work of Harrod(1939) and Domar(1946) and developed a new growth theory.

The assumption of this theory are the constant return to scale. MACRO DETERMINANTS OF TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS IN AGRICULURAL SECTOR OF growth: the story of a mistaken attribution Daniele Besomi PostKeynesian growth theory is normally seen as originating from Harrods 1939 Essay in Dynamic Theory. Harrod, however, was trying to lay the foundations of a new approach to economic dynamics, and often complained of misinterpretation.

In " Financial depth, savings and economic growth in Kenya: A dynamic causal linkage" Economic Modelling, Elsevier vol. 25(4), pages, July. [24 Odhiambo,

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