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Are you feeling tired, achy, or bored when it comes to homework time? Are you arguing with parents about your grades? You can change the way you feel by taking better care of your mind and your body. Top Healthy Homework Habits. Search the site GO. For Students& Parents. Top Healthy Homework Habits Share Flipboard Email Print A homework contract can help reinforce the skills your child needs to be an independent learner. Using the Sample Homework Contracts You can use the contracts as a guide to create one that meets your childs unique needs.

Additional Information on Homework Contracts. The major purpose of a homework contract is to eliminate all the daily hassles that arise from Parent teacher homework contract conflicts over when, where, and how homework is to be done.

A contract places the responsibility for getting homework done on the student which is where it should be. ParentStudent Homework Contract This homework contract is an agreement between: Student: and Parent(s): for the week ofmonth ofterm of: STUDENT SECTION: I promise to complete my homework every day and return it parents and students what assessments are going to be given. Makeup tests will be given one day following the missed day.

Cheating on ANY assignment is not tolerated. A PARENTSTUDENTTEACHER CONTRACT. As a parentguardian, I will: Show respect and support for my child, the teachers, and the school.

Support the school's discipline policy. Provide a quiet, welllit place for study and supervise homework. Attend parentteacher conferences. The parent and child might write on the homework contract that the child will reserve 30 minutes to complete that subtask. Step 4: The Parent Checks the Child's Homework Completion and Delivers Any Earned Rewards. When the student has finished his or her homework, the parent and student hold a brief followup conference.

Homework Contract I,agree to the following terms to improve my homework and school work: Homework will be done at this I agree to keep communication channels open between the teacher and myself.

Parent(s) Signature: Date STUDENT AGREEMENT: I agree to work to the best of my ability and strive to be successful in school. I agree to attend school regularly. I agree to come to school prepared to work with my completed assignments. Instead of specifying definite times for homework each day, parent Parent teacher homework contract student may agree that all homework is to be completed by a specified time, unless there are certain exceptions. Compass Syndicate Corporation, 1999.

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