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One Very Good Reason To Adopt A Greyhound!

If you aren’t on Facebook or don’t know anyone who already owns a Greyhound you may not know that April is Adopt a Greyhound Month.

Bunny, of Tales and Tails fame, posted a wonderful blog post a week or so ago called New And Improved Reasons Why You Need a Greyhound.  Well worth reading if you haven’t already 🙂  The thing I love most about Greyhounds is that as a breed they are very quirky.  For me that’s certainly a good enough reason to adopt one!  I thought I’d see how many quirks I could come up with.  Feel free to mention any I’ve missed in the comments 🙂

  1. Roaching – While definitely not a Greyhound only quirk I doubt there is another breed who does it with so many variations and so much panache!  Beryl is an exception and unable to do a stylish roach.  She rarely roaches, usually only to have her tummy rubbed, and looks anything but elegant while doing so.
    Greyhound roach
    Beryl is very coy when she does roach!
    Black Greyhound roaching
    Most of my foster boys were expert roachers. This is handsome Mambo showing his style.
    Blue brindle Greyhound roaching
    It took Asher 4 months to get on the couch, and another month before he would roach. He’s getting a bit of style going here with his front leg!
    Greyhound roach
    Now he’s an expert and has progressed to the ‘full monty’ roach … taking up all of my big couch in the process!
  2. ETS – (Escaping Tongue Syndrome) Usually accompanies roaching and is very cute. Can also happen when upright as I’ve noticed with Asher! Greyhound ETS
  3. Leaning – Many Greyhounds excel at this.  People who have never met a Greyhound before and are leaned upon by a dog they don’t know are usually entranced 🙂  It’s the Greyhound form of hugging!  Beryl will sometimes lean on other people but doesn’t lean on me 🙁  So far Asher doesn’t lean at all.
  4. Air Snapping – My first foster dog, Riley, introduced me to serious air snapping!  I wondered what sort of Greyhound I had on my hands the first time he did it.  He is a very enthusiastic snapper and it took me a while to get used to it.  It’s a way of showing happiness, lol.  None of my following foster boys did it.  I soon came to enjoy the sight and sound of Riley and his snapping 🙂
  5. GSOD – (Greyhound Scream Of Death)  My first introduction to this was from Frankie before I even had Beryl!  The difference being when a Greyhound does it the cause is usually minor, they’ve stubbed a toe or tripped over something, or just got a fright.  In Frankie’s case he’d run full speed into a solid branch and how he didn’t smash his shoulder I’ll never know!  The first time you hear the GSOD it will age you by at least 100 years, turn your hair white and make you scared to move because you don’t know what horror you’re going to see!  In the case of serious injury a Greyhound tends to be very stoic.  I have yet to hear the GSOD from Asher, he tends to whine for no apparent reason though.  Maybe that’s another Greyhound quirk?
  6. Stuffy Hoarding – Most Greyhounds love their stuffed toys.  Many gather them up and hoard them on their bed or where ever they sleep.  Others play with them, some even ‘kill’ them and disembowel them.  Some are safe with squeaky toys, others first task with a new squeaky toy is to desqueak it.  Some Greyhounds will hoard anything that takes their fancy.  My foster dog before Asher, Chips, used to love dragging my Queen sized mink blanket off the bed and would then drag it into the lounge room to his bed along with whatever else he could find and hoard.  He had a thing about my shoes as well as stuffies.
    Asher and his favourite stuffy, which is destuffed thanks to Frankie, but still loved by Asher!
    Asher and his favourite stuffy, which is destuffed thanks to Frankie, but still loved by Asher!
  7. Greetings – One of Asher’s most endearing quirks is how he sees me off to work in the morning (and makes it very hard to leave!) and greets me when I get home.  His most prized ‘possession’ is his now deflated basketball and he finds it when I go to work and when I get home and stands at the back gate holding it in his mouth and looking ever so cute (and plaintive when I’m going to work!)
    Blue Brindle Greyhound
    Asher and his favourite ball.

    Many Greyhounds greet their owners with a stuffy in their mouths.

  8. Chattering – Beryl is a champion chatterer!  It’s when their teeth chatter, can be quite loud, and means they’re happy.  She often does it at Meet ‘N Greets when she’s being patted by strangers and I have to explain that she’s happy and enjoy their cuddles 🙂  She will also do it when she’s anticipating something good e.g. getting fed or going for a walk.  It’s a very cute Greyhound quirk.
  9. Foofing – Beryl and Asher both do this.  I don’t know what other people call it, foofing is just my name for it.  They puff their cheeks and I can usually only hear a very faint foof noise.  They’re in a state of relaxed bliss when they do this, usually getting a quiet chest rub while standing next to me.
  10. The Big Sigh – Greyhounds are known for sighing.  Beryl and Asher both do it when they are ready to sleep at night … but they don’t do it during the day!  Asher’s sigh is so deep he usually flutters his lips and sounds like a horse, lol!
  11. Instant Dandruff – A Greyhound quirk that is most obvious on black hounds!  If Beryl is stressed I can tell as the dandruff appears as if by magic!  And vanishes just as quickly when whatever has stressed her has gone.
  12. Rooing – Lots of dogs howl or roo as it’s called in Greyhound circles.  But Greyhounds seem to do it better!  Sadly neither Beryl or Asher roo.  I’ve played them Youtube videos of Greyhounds rooing to no avail.  They just aren’t interested.
  13. Head Hugs – This is lovely.  My name again!  Beryl and Asher both do it.  Always when I’m sitting down.  They put their head down and snuggle it into my chest while I’m stroking their sides.  Often accompanied by foofing!
  14. Chipping – This is a Greyhound owner quirk!  There’s a well known saying “Greyhounds are like potato chips, you can’t stop at one”.  It took me 3 1/2 years before I gave in and adopted my second Greyhound.  I still can’t explain what it is about them that makes them so special.  All their quirks, their absolute easiness to have around, the pleasure you get from just looking at them, the joy of watching them run,
    Greyhound running
    And Beryl loves to run!
    Greyhound look
    Maybe that look they have and when they use it you’re putty in their paws!

    No doubt a combination of all the above and more.  I just know I won’t be having any other breed, they have really got under my skin 🙂

  15. Bed Fail And Comfort – Greyhounds do like their home comforts.  Often their idea of what’s comfortable is quite different to our perception.
    Yes, that does look comfortable to me too Asher.  Not very tidy though!
    Yes, that does look comfortable to me too Asher. Not very tidy though!  Excuse the nose art on the ranch slider, lol!  I guess we all have it:)
    Beryl's idea of comfort doesn't include my/our bed being made!!  She likes rumples.
    Beryl’s idea of comfort doesn’t include my/our bed being made!! She likes rumples.

    I know I’ve got some bed fail photos but blowed if I can track them down.  If you are keen to see some examples of bed fails I recommend taking a look through the Greytalk Facebook page.  You will see many photos of Greyhounds doing any number of quirky things there 🙂

  16. Trancing – I didn’t know about this one until I wrote a blog post about Beryl and Her Tree and Houndstooth said in the comments that Beryl was trancing!
    I luffs my tree:)
    I luffs my tree:)

    How very cool 🙂  While there are other dogs who trance I think it is another Greyhound quirk.  No, I haven’t planted a trancing tree for Beryl in the 2 years since we’ve been in our new home … but it is on the long list of things to do.

  17. Nitting – nothing to do with getting the knitting needles out.  It’s nibbling on their human’s skin.  Endearing unless you’ve got a Beryl who nibbles rather enthusiastically and actually hurts, lol!  She tends to do it when she’s hungry or wants a walk and usually picks a time when I’m sitting at the computer and gets me under my arm, ouch!
  18. ?ing – I haven’t got a name for this one.  Beryl does it and I’ve heard of other Greyhounds who do it.  Kind of looks like this …
    Greyhound trying to roll.
    Except Beryl rubs both sides of her face, usually on the mink blanket on our bed. Bum has to be in the air. In this photo she is having a futile attempt at rolling in something smelly!
  19. Smiling – I love a dog who smiles, it’s so cute and endearing!  People who have never seen a dog smile can mistake it for a snarl but it’s easy to tell the difference.  I had 3 Shelties who smiled and the smiles were usually accompanied by sneezes and lots of head tossing and prancing.
    The most Beryl ever smiles and I think gravity has something to do with it!
    The most Beryl ever smiles and I think gravity has something to do with it!


  20. Naughtiness  I know it isn’t exclusive to Greyhounds but they do seem to have a thing about shredding stuff …
    Destructive Greyhound
    I’m sure other breeds of dog shred duvets when their tea is late!  Beryl is also displaying serious stink eye, which is the last quirk on the list.


  21. Stink Eye – I guess other dogs do stink eye, Frankie doesn’t and Asher hasn’t yet.  Beryl is an expert though and I know many other Greyhounds have perfected this method of showing they’re not impressed!
Greyhound stink eye
A fairly typical example of stink eye from Beryl after being given a bath!


OK, how did I do?  What quirks have I forgotten?  Non-Greyhound owners, how many of you have a Greyhound in disguise?  What quirks do your dogs have in common with Greyhounds?  Is quirkiness a good reason to gravitate towards a Greyhound for your next dog, or to suggest a Greyhound to someone you know who is thinking of getting a dog?

Well, Beryl has just come to tell me that it’s nearly midnight and past time we all went to bed.  I’d better do as she requests before she gives me the stink eye!!

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  1. Deccy
    | Reply

    Well there is zooming and the more general sleeping. Not many breeds who happily sleep 22 hours a day!
    Deccy recently posted..Merry Christmas to all my friends!

  2. I think that greyhounds love to wipe their faces on our pants! To me it seems to have to do with excitement.
    Thanks for putting this all together. It’s funny, and fun with the pictures!
    Hazel-Class A Greyhounds…RVing with the Big Dogs! recently posted..Power’s Pee

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit
      | Reply

      Oh, Beryl does this too Hazel but I’ve never heard of or seen another Greyhound do it! Interesting. With her it’s generally when we’re at the beach and I’m trying to get her to jump into the car to go home but she has to clean her face on my pants first, lol! Then when she gets into the car she has to do the ?ing thing with rubbing her face on the car seat. She does do it at other times and places too though. Do Power and Fleur both do it?

  3. Taryn
    | Reply

    Since starting to blog, and then finding/following so many dog blogs, I have been very charmed by what I see of greyhounds. They must be a wonderful dog to live with!
    Taryn recently posted..Winter Was Withdrawing on Wilson’s Wordless Wednesday

  4. Sue
    | Reply

    Loving the new look blog.

    What a fantastic post. Love the photos.

    Polly has started chattering. She also Trances in dad’s Pampas Grass. She does that rubbing her head on my mats.
    Sue recently posted..WOYWW 9th April

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit
      | Reply

      Thanks Sue 🙂 Sounds like Polly is still developing her quirks! I’ve got a Pampas Grass bush but Beryl hasn’t used that to trance in. I think she’s expecting some sort of exotic tree to appear for her!

      • Sue
        | Reply

        The past 6-8 months she has really come out with the chattering, trancing, etc:) She is such a loving girl.

        Hope you get Beryls tree planted soon.
        Sue recently posted..WOYWW 9th April

  5. Tiffany
    | Reply

    Buddy does many of these things and he also likes to clean his face on us too, which is especially charming after he’s finished his sardines and yoghurt!

    I’m puzzled about the chattering thing, though. I call it shivery face (his teeth don’t actually chatter) and Buddy does often but it has never seemed like a happy, positive thing. To me he looks like he’s about to burst into tears and neither does the context of when he does it suggest happiness. I’ve read others attribute it to excitement or happiness too. I’d love to actually witness another dog doing it to see if we’re really describing the same action.

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit
      | Reply

      Hi Tiffany, wow, sardines and yoghurt! I know Asher would like that combination, probably Beryl too. But I wouldn’t like the remnants spread over my pants, lol.

      There are quite a few videos of GH’s chattering their teeth on Youtube. This one is probably closest to how Beryl does it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBg5otv8R74 What surprised me is the number of different ways GHs chatter their teeth! Maybe if Buddy’s teeth don’t actually chatter then it’s a quirk all of his own?

      • Tiffany Dryburgh
        | Reply

        Thanks for that link. It’s quite adorable and quite obviously happiness from the context of its occurrence. I’m going to have to make a more serious study of when Bud does his shivery face because so far it really doesn’t seem like a happy expression.

        Have to also agree with the GSoD bit too! Bud is an absolute drama queen when he has the slightest, tiniest owie but the times he has actually seriously hurt himself, like ripping an entire toenail out and gushing blood, not a peep! It was only the trail of blood which alerted us! Oh, and Houndstooth below, the paw! Buddy does this ALL the time. And even funnier, when he has had enough and would like some sleepy alone time now thanks very much, he pushes me away with his paw. Ah, they are so entertaining! I have no idea how I lived so long without one!

  6. houndstooth
    | Reply

    First, Bunny is quite flattered that you mentioned her post. I see her preening like a little peacock over on the bed.

    I LOVE your list! You got so many of the quirks that I just adore on there. Hawk was our song leader. He would roo and the girls would join in with him. But after he passed away, they never would do it again. At the reunion picnic this year, Bunny and Flattery both just were NOT into it. Blueberry was our first chatterer, and I am so glad that Flattery does it, too. I just adore that trait.

    One thing that ours do is use what we call The Paw. When you are laying or sitting with them and petting them and you stop, then the paw waves over their eyes or taps you on the arm and lets you know that you have NOT been dismissed!

    • Jodi
      | Reply

      Yes, “The Paw”… Can’t forget that one… I don’t even get anywhere near the ground as I have 5 that do that!!! 🙂

  7. Earl Lover
    | Reply

    Greyhounds are lovely sleek, kindly animals.

    Lots of Woofs from Earl an I at Earl’s World!
    Earl Lover recently posted..J is for Jackpot – A-Z Special of Paws Up! Its Friday! & the Pet Parade

  8. Donna O.
    | Reply

    I love all these reasons…and actually…I didn’t know about the “naughtiness” side of greyhounds. LOL!. I sure understand that, seeing I have a Lab. They are pretty skilled in that department too.

    The photos of the dogs “roaching” are classic. 🙂
    Donna O. recently posted..We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  9. Yvonne
    | Reply

    I have always been fascinated with grey hounds and often go back in forth with having on as my next dog however, I am very concerned about having them off leash. Some greyhound adopt sites say to NEVER let your hound off leash in a open area. I’m always going back and forth Standard Poodle or Greyhound lol!

    • Jodi
      | Reply

      I know some adoption groups in Australia actually have that as a clause in their adoption agreements… 🙁 Although in most places it is illegal to allow a greyhound off leash anyway, even in some dog parks, from what I have read… I don’t have any dog parks near me, so I haven’t don’t extensive research…

  10. genjiscorner
    | Reply

    Lovin’ the new look of the blog. Such a fresh look. After that pretty comprehensive list, why would’t you want to adopt a greyhound 🙂
    genjiscorner recently posted..Stanley Waits for Dinner

  11. We know all of these things. But especially the stink eye. And the instant dandruff most apparent on Bettina. Shows up in a flash and disappears just as quickly!
    Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny recently posted..Fox Has a Pox

  12. Rachel
    | Reply

    My Lucy does the ?ing thing you mention. However, it’s usually in something unpleasant- she rubs her face and neck in fresh cat poo, bird poo or yesterday, it was hedgehog poo. SMELLY!

    • Jodi
      | Reply

      My girls do it when they have a muzzle on… A couple of them are brood females who were just left in a yard for several years, so they got used to not wearing a muzzle… Now they hate them and one girl in particular will scrub it against anything at all (including you) & she will try to scratch it off her face… My other girl just does the “?ing”… Then from that position she will throw the rest of her body on the ground with a thump (in disgust of course) & give you the stink eye!!

  13. Chloe Twiggy and Onyx
    | Reply

    GSOD – Yes! Twiggy is a pro at that. And the stink eye too. And roaching, and foofing, sighing, ?ing – pretty much all of it! This is an excellent list. Your photos really capture all of it too!
    Chloe Twiggy and Onyx recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 128: Wintertime Fun

  14. Janice
    | Reply

    I think for me, the tick that was missed is goosing. My greyhound is an expert at putting her nose right into my fourth point of contact or into the parts of anyone who comes to visit. She notoriously shows no shame.

  15. Monica
    | Reply

    Just last night, my boyfriend and I went to my parents’ house for dinner. I grew up with some wonderful greyhounds, and he grew up with labs. My baby girl Zoey (who my parents got before I moved out) greeted my by stuffing her face in my netherregions. She, and our hounds who have passed on to the Doggy Park in the Sky, also comes up to all of us and stuffs her head right between our legs so her head is sticking out right under our butts and our thighs are at her neck. It’s Zoey’s favorite way to get pets.

    I do have one question though. My Zo can’t roach. She tries occasionally, but she just can’t seem to keep herself up. Sometimes my dad will flip her on her back and hold her hips so she doesnt fall and she can get some belly rubs, but when she tries herself, she usually just rolls around. We’ve chalked it up to her small bone structure and that she is just too skinny to balance (even after gaining twenty pounds since we adopted her) but is there any reason she physically can’t roach?

    • Monica
      | Reply

      Oh, I forgot to mention that my boyfriend was utterly embarassed and confused when Zoey stuck her head into his hoohaa area. Apparently labs are more respectful of personal space? Never had that with greyhounds….

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit
      | Reply

      Beryl doesn’t do a proper Greyhound roach either Monica. Not all Greyhounds do roach! Beryl will roll on to her back when she wants her tummy rubbed and sometimes she will roach on the coach when she’s got the back of the couch to hold her in position like the photo of her on the couch above. But she doesn’t roach and let it all hang out like many Greyhounds! Yes, I forgot to mention the Greyhound Greeting, lol! Beryl does it but only to me, unless she’s wearing a muzzle and then anyone is fair game! Asher doesn’t do it. You have to have a sense of humour 😉

  16. Debonair's Mom
    | Reply

    Debonair, our beautiful boy, seems to have vivid track dreams, with a pseudo-bark and loud sighs, where he sounds like a horse. I was always under the impression that greyhounds are not big diggers, but Debonair, our 3rd greyhound, has proven us wrong on that one in a big way. He is a big sweet guy though, with many face hugs, leaning, and smiles for us.

    • Amanda
      | Reply

      Rosie rarely digs, but when she does it’s like a speeded up film!

    • Kaylee's Mum
      | Reply

      Oh! A good number of the dogs our local org rescues are vigorous diggers! Their poor adopters…. lol

      Both of our 2 track rescues have vivid track dreams: laying on their sides and running for a good 2-3 minutes straight, full strength leg action. Both of them have little sleepy growls and barks, and sometimes the scream-of-death night terrors.

  17. Amanda
    | Reply

    My first foster, the tragically short-lived Wynny, had fabulous ETS, and it would stick to my wooden floor. Unfortunately her successor, Rosie, is far too much of a lady to lose control of her tongue. I would like to suggest a couple of additions to your wonderful list. “Shark face”, when they are running and panting and laughing all at once they seem to have at least twice as many teeth as other dogs, and “Dead inside”, when they are fed up with whatever they were enjoying a few seconds ago, and now want you to take them home to bed. I have never seen dogs shut down so quickly and completely while still standing, like someone turned off the light but left the windows open.

  18. Debonair' Mom
    | Reply

    Also, I have never seen anothe breed master winking, especially when they want whatever you might be eating. 🙂

  19. Stacy
    | Reply

    You can’t forget the hand steal as I can only describe it. Our girl Pearl is an expert at it and our boy Hoosier has learned it from her. They promptly stick their nose under your hand regardless of whatever you may be doing (eating, writing, on the computer, NAPPING) and pushing your hand up and onto their head for a scratch. They do this quite a bit for attention (as if they aren’t spoiled enough)
    Neither of them aren’t big roachers, but my boy LOVES to sunbathe. He sits on our lounge outside for hours if we don’t call him in.

  20. Liz
    | Reply

    Addy did #18 on our walk this morning. She also loooooooooves to do full-body rubs along the sides of our bed.

  21. Pip Jones
    | Reply

    Foofing! I’ve been trying to think what our blackhound Claus does – we call it gill breathing. Excellent post xx

  22. Jodi
    | Reply

    Number 18, my friend calls it bulldozing 😉

  23. Jo
    | Reply

    Just reading your article now, it’s fantastic.
    Not sure if I have missed it, but what about greyhound yoga? Our black girl Annie is always doing the downward dog. Front legs, each back leg and the her tail. She often repeats the entire process, and will always take her time (especially when you are in a hurry).
    I also love the greyhound play pose, legs on the ground – bum in the air ready to pounce on that stuffy.
    My other previous labs never had these quirks 🙂

  24. tm
    | Reply

    This may be her own quirk, but when my grey is mildly disgruntled (like if I am taking too long to get ready) she looks me in the eye and burps like a human! I laugh every time.

  25. Meli
    | Reply

    When Friday my bull whippet does the #18 thing we call it a frinkle. She is very good at frinkling.

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit
      | Reply

      What a cool name for it! I’ll bet Friday is gorgeous 🙂 She sounds like a great mix.

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