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Pan's Labyrinth (Spanish: El laberinto del fauno, lit. 'The Labyrinth of the Faun') is a 2006 MexicanSpanish dark fantasy drama film written and directed by Guillermo del Toro. It was produced and distributed internationally by Esperanto Filmoj and Warner Bros.while Picturehouse handled US distribution rights.

The story takes place in Pan's Labyrinth Film Analysis Essay 1208 Words 5 Pages. Vanessa Salfen Visual Analysis Pans Labyrinth: A Visual Analysis Pans Labyrinth, originally titled El laberinto del fauno, was published in 2006 by the Spanish director Guillermo del Toro. The story is set in the year 1944, in the countryside of a postCivil War Spain.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Published: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 In Guillermo del Toros movie Pans Labyrinth, Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) is a lonely eleven year old girl who lives with her pregnant mother, Carmen (Ariadna Gil). Aug 25, 2007" Pan's Labyrinth" is one of the greatest of all fantasy films, even though it is anchored so firmly in the reality of war.

On first viewing, it is challenging to comprehend a movie that on the one hand provides fauns and fairies, and on the other hand creates an inhuman sadist in the uniform of Franco's fascists. Pans Labyrinth tells a story of a little girl named Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) who moves into the countryside with her pregnant mother, Carmen (Ariadna Gil), to live with her stepfather, Captain Vidal (Sergi Lopez) who is a highranking official in the Spanish Army.

Pan's Labyrinth Essay 633 Words 3 Pages. Pan's Labyrinth The director Guillero Del Torro uses many motifs and parallels in his film Pan's Labyrinth. The most obvious parallel in the film is the parallel between the real world and the fantasy world of the character Ofelia.

Both worlds are filled with danger. Pan's Labyrinth Setting Essay the work. For Pans labyrinth, an outstanding cinema work rich in symbols, details and meaning, it is even more essential for us to take the underlying context into serious consideration The external setting of this work consisted of 3 element: time, place and social environment.

The film Pans Labyrinth is a cinematic masterpiece of 2006, directed and written by Guillermo del Toro. Although the film is considered partly within the fantasy genre, several of the themes within the film reflect certain historical realities of Pan's Labyrinth Pans Labyrinth is set in Spain, during 1944 at the time of the Resistance.

The setting takes place at a house, known Complete plot summary of Pan's Labyrinth, written by specialists and reviewed by film experts.

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