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The Communication Studies Departmental Honors Program is separate and distinct from the Letters and Science College Honors Program, and Communication Studies majors who meet the eligibility requirements of both programs can graduate with both Communication Studies Departmental Honors and College Honors. The baseline requirements for Upper Division Honors Distinction are: 12 hours of level Honors coursework, including 36 thesis hours Honors Thesis Project All senior honors theses in the Department of Communication must include a written component, the scope and format of which will be determined by the project advisor.

Students who successfully complete and defend their honors theses will graduate under the designation with honors or with highest honors. Home COAS Communication Honors Theses. Communication Studies Honors Theses. Follow. Theses from 2017 PDF. Language Attitudes and the Learning Environment: The Effects of Regional Dialect on Perceptions of Teacher Credibility, Marissa C.

McGillis. The Honors Tutorial program builds upon the strengths of the School of Communication Studies (COMS) in three main areas: Public advocacy (including political communication and argumentation). Interpersonal, organizational, and health communication (as well as family, group, and intercultural interactions). Communication Studies Department Honors Program. Highachieving Communication Studies majors have an opportunity to work closely with a CMS faculty member on an undergraduate thesis project during their final two semesters at UTAustin.

Each Honors student must obtain the participation of three fulltime Communication Studies faculty members to shepherd himher through the Honors Program. Members of this committee will advise the student on course selection, evaluate the students thesis proposal, and evaluate the completed thesis.

The COMS Honors Program encourages and guides qualified students to graduate with departmental honors. What are the qualifications for graduating with departmental honors? There are three: a) an overall GPA of 3.

25; b) a COMS GPA of 3. 5; and c) completion and defense of an honors thesis (for which 26 hours of COMS 498 are The honors thesis provides the student with a unique opportunity to develop special expertise and to contribute knowledge and insight in a selected area of Communication Studies.

The thesis is a substantial piece of independent work and may take the form of a creative project (sound design, video, screenplay) or a critical, historical The Honors Program in Communication is open to qualified take a special sequence of courses both inside and outside the School and in their last semester complete a Senior Honors Thesis or a Senior Honors Project under the direction of a faculty advisor. B. A. Communication Studies Thesis title:

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