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The words mizuko and mizuko kuyd, which ultimately came to name the conceptual space at the conjunction of the concerns listed above, are not used at all in the 1967 article and do not seem to have been used in association with the Mizuko kuyo refers to a commemorative service performed by a Buddhist priest for the spirits of mizuko, signifying water child.

1 The term implies that the child is sent back to the source of life, water, for resurrection and reincarnation. Mizuko Kuyo is a Japanese Buddhist ceremony that focuses on a deceased fetus or stillborn child.

This ceremony was originally developed to honor Jizo, a god believed to be responsible for transporting dead fetuses or children to the other world. Compare that spiritual callousness with the Buddhist practice of mizuko kuyo, those fairly common religious services in Japan to commemorate the souls of departed fetuses, complete with rituals, prayers, and burial practices. Mizuko (), literally" water child"is a Japanese term for a dead fetus or, archaically, a dead baby or infant, while kuy refers to a memorial service.

Previously read suiji, the SinoJapanese on'yomi reading of the same characters, the term was originally a kaimy (posthumous name) given after death.

Mizuko Kuyo Essay Help. Profile. Welcome to FC2! Latest journals. Is anal a good abbreviation for analysis? (0905) Adolescents across a lifespan pregnancy and std's writing a dissertation proposal (0905) Binomial, Bernoulli and Poisson Distributions (0905) Free Essays Tags Examination of the origin of mukluk guy and its rituals demonstrates how Japanese Buddhists use this practice to rectify the inherent differences between the act of abortion and the Buddhist tradition.

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