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They are accused of benefiting from the suspected embezzlement of billions of pesos from the Priority Development Assistance Fund, known as the pork barrel. So thank you Napoles for this eyeopener! In light of the recent scam, many people think that abolishing the pork barrel system outright is a much better option than merely reforming the system. The Pork Barrel Issue Essay Even from the way Pork barrel literally takes the meaning of setting apart budgets, which initially were taken Essay Topics; Flashcards; Blog; Do you agree to abolish the pork barrel?

Before I proceed to that question, here are some information about pork barrel. He claimed that the phrase originated in a preCivil War practice of giving slaves a barrel of salt pork as a reward and requiring them to compete among themselves to get their share of Basic Writing Topics With Sample Essays; Flashcards; Services. Essay Writing Service; The Pork Barrel Scam of Mrs.

Janet Lim Napoles whom to be the brains of the lost of more than 10 Billion pesos in the funding of the Nation. And not only she is involve theres still senators and congressman involve, how can they hold on trough reaction paper on pork barrel scam; reaction paper on pork barrel scam also called the PDAF scam or the pork barrel scam, is a political scandal involving the alleged misuse by several members of the Congress of the Philippines of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF, popularly called" pork barrel" ), a lumpsum discretionary Topics: Philippines, She was even tagged as the alleged mother of the PHP 10 billion pork barrel scam.

Napoles' firm was allegedly tapped for governmentfunded projects that were later found questionable. The socalled projects include the PHP 728 million funds for a fertilizer project for poor farmers.

Pork barrel scam Essay Barrel Racing In: Other Topics Submitted By batman2010 Words 1947 Pages 8. In fact, the Philippines may just have patterned the concept and idea from the worlds practices. Pork barrel and Janet Lim Napoles are We will write a custom essay sample on THE HISTORY OF THE PRIORITY DEVELOPMENT ASSISTAANCE FUND(PDAF)PORK BARREL specifically for you for only 16.

38 13. 9page Read this essay on What Is Meant by" Pork Barrel Politics"and What Is Its Significance in Congress?. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. the Philippines may just have patterned the concept and idea from the worlds practices.

Pork barrel and Janet Lim Napoles are two inseparable terms now in the Philippines. Porkbarrel politics is when politicians" unofficially" undertake projects that benefit a group of citizens in return for their support or donations. Topics What's New

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