Harms of smoking essay examples

In my essay I explain the effects of smoking and put forward the theory that the effects of smoking have been exaggerated and link this to the scientific evidence that no deaths have ever occurred because of secondhand smoke. The effects of smoking have been exaggerated because lobby groups want smoking to be banned completely. Some dangers of smoking are minor outcomes such as: problems breathing, wrinkles, and bad smelling clothes, hair, skin changes to yellowish color from the toxins in cigarettes.

Major outcomes from smoking are risks of catching cancer such as lung cancer, cancer of the lip, tongue, pharynx, and bladder. Smoking effect on reproduction and fertility are very serious.

Smoking can increase risk of feebleness, and Harms of smoking essay examples damage sperm by reducing sperm count and casing testicular cancer (Team, 2009).

Everybody knows the harm of smoking but nobody cares to stop it, this attitude towards smoking should be changed. OBJECTIVE OF RESEARCH Passive smoking harms the environment and causes many diseases and affecting the health of smokers in general. Quitting smoking has immediate as well as longterm benefits. The objective of this research is to study the effect of passive smoking on the environment for the next 10 years.

There are many dangerous side effects of smoking such as cancer, lung disease, heart failure and much more. There are also some minor effects such as yellow teeth, nicotine stains on fingers, bad breath and your home and body can constantly smell of smoke. Smoking is not only a danger to you but can be to others as well through passive Second main cause of smoking is psychological (MENTAL) which seems to be a very important factor for people to get the habit. In many cases, smoking is started at a young age due to high blood pressure, tobacco.

Many people who start smoking have a family member or close friend who smokes. Smoking is like a slow death. Harmful Effects Of Smoking Essay Examples. 5 total results. A Discussion of the Harmful Effects of Smoking.

286 words. 1 page. The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke and the Banning of Smoking in Public Buildings. 447 words. 1 page. A Description of the Different Harmful Effects that Your Body Can Get from Smoking. People who choose smoke are more likely to develop serious diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease, andor emphysema. Why take the risk of this awful fate? Not only will smoking causes diseases, but it also can cause smokers to experience various side effects, which include heart burn, ulcers, and gallstones.

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