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Also, who should I address the cover letter to? I couldnt find any names of nurse recruiters or HR reps. I addressed my cover letter to: Nurse Recruiter and Nurse Manager Address of Hospital I hope thats ok. I really really want to work in Baltimore and I hope someone has some advice for me on getting hired. Thank You!

! Dear XXX: 6 Tips for Writing Effective Cover Letters. By Donna Cardillo, RN, MA. Your cover letter must be word processed, not hand written. says Send to Human Resources Department, address the letter with Dear Human Resources Professional or Dear Nurse Recruiter as appropriate. Some prefer to use Dear SirMadam. Cover Letters for Nursing. Cover letters are career marketing letters to market the job seeker, highlight notable qualifications and career successes and generate invitation for a person interview.

Many nursing applications go through a Nurse Recruiter so feel free to address your letter to" Dear Nurse Recruiter" or" To Whom It May Concern Home Job Search Cover Letter Q& A Quick Tip: Use Dear Hiring Team In Your Cover Letter. prev next. Cover Letter. 4 Things Recruiters Are Looking For When They Search You Online. August 26, 2014 Ariella Coombs. you should use Dear Hiring Team in your cover letter salutation. Tips for a Dynamic Email Cover Letter Just as certain secrets can help you write a Cover letter dear nurse recruiter cover letter, there are also key strategies for sending email cover letters.

Here are those strategies. Study our HR Recruiter Cover Letter Samples to learn the best way to write your own powerful cover letter. Home Cover Letters Cover Letters Misc HR Recruiter Cover Letter Sample. Letter Samples. HR Recruiter Cover Letter Sample. Cover Letters Misc.

Dear Mr. Shoemaker,

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