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Cover letter, if you are applying for Advance Parole not along with other application such as I485. Sample If you require explanation for getting advance parole (from the circumstances described below), even family visits or vacation are considered acceptable reasons to leave the U. S. Aug 17, 2004 Modify as needed, this worked for me. Got approval in 35 days: ) Cover letters for filing paper based EAD renewal and AP together in same envelope, but Sep 30, 2005 Joyd, Thanks for putting togather a procedure for EAD and AP.

I am on H1b present and i filed I for future employment from different employer Jun 07, 2018 did this video to answer most common questions and somehow it'll be easier to understand if its visual. this is based on my own personal experienced and Cover letter for ead and ap I131(APAdvance Parole) cover letter. Your Name Address Phone: XXXXXXXXXX Dec 10, 2009 To, USCIS 'your' Service Center and Address Sub: Application for Advance Parole Travel Document for Your Name A# XXXXXXXXX Jul 06, 2017 If this Youtube Channel and Video help you, Please consider donating to our on going operating expenses.

Salamat, Thank you, Gracias. Please click the link h If it helps anybody, here is the cover letter with check list, I used for my EAD renewal application (I filed my 485 in Feb2012 so fee was not required for my Nov 04, 2011 Im putting together my packet for the AOS, AP, and EAD for applying from a K1 visa.

Im wondering if I can use one cover letter for all three or if I should do a separate cover letter for each one. To all K1 Visa Holder who got married within 90 days upon arrival in the US and applying for AOS and EADAP Combo Card, here's the summary link from USCIS sample cover letters, sample filled up Form I485, Form I765, Form I131 and Form I864.

Green Card for a K Nonimmigrant Form I94 Always download [Related Topic: Important USCIS Links to know in Applying AOS, EAD and AP, with sample Cover Letter and Filledup Forms [ Related Topic: My K1 Visa AOS ROC Timeline Requirements for AOS, EAD and AP

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