How to write my own spells

Despite this being a very barebones and simple way of looking at spell construction, it does work effectively. You may wish to keep a magical journal or make notes in your Book of Shadows during the spell construction phase, and then keep track of results as they begin to manifest. How can the answer be improved? Feb 16, 2012 Write down the spell and all information about it.

Take some time to focus on your belief and faith that the spell will work. Do not fear the consequences or have lingering doubt as you prepare for the spell. Writing Your Own Spell. But the job of writing the spells is by no means easy. It demands the satisfaction of a few aspects to turn the events in your favor through the magic spell.

One of the basic factors that should emerge in your mind is the need for the spell. Make an attempt in spell casting only if you feel the dire need for the act. Writing your own spells& rituals is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. If you write your own spell, it holds a special amount of power because of the energy that you put into it. Before you proceed with reading this section, I highly recommend checking out my article on the Anatomy of a Spell.

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