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Resume Templates: Use these resume templates as a starting point for creating your own resume. Add your information to the resume template, then tweak and edit it to personalize your resume, so it highlights your skills and abilities as related to the jobs for which you are applying. Resumes tell the employer about your experiences, skills and work history. Use your resume to highlight items that indicate you are a good worker, are qualified for the position and bring desirable skills to the job.

If you are a student and have little or no previous job experiences, enhance information about your school and community Example of a resume with a key skills section, how to highlight your skills as they relate to the specific job you are applying for, and writing tips.

This Information Technology (IT) resume sample was written by a professional. Using our writing tips and resume guidance will help you land more interviews.

To beat the resume robots, youll need to pepper your resume with those relevant keywords and key phrases. You can do this easily by reading the hiring managers job posting Ideally, everything you include on your resume should fall under the category of relevant, important information that will speak to the positions you are targeting. What to Put in a Resume. Make sure your resume contains everything the employer needs to be convinced that you are a good match for the position.

A complete resume includes the following sections. Learn other basic resume rules. Contact Information. Aug 24, 2018 A resume should include contact information, a summary of your qualifications and work experience. A resume should never include Using keywords is essential if you expect your resume to receive notice from employers. Many employers now use electronic scanning software to find keywords in resumes. Keywords for information technology careers reference the latest technology.

The effective use of keywords informs potential employers that you have

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