Navicular drop test reliability essay

Determination of normal values for navicular drop during walking: a new model correcting for foot length and gender The navicular drop test is a measure to evaluate the function of the medial longitudinal arch, which is important for examination of patients with overuse injuries.

It has shown moderate to good reliability [18, 19, 26 Reliability and validity of the sittostand navicular drop test: Do static measures of navicular height relate to the dynamic navicular motion during gait? Journal of Student Physical Therapy Research 2010; 2: 218. To examine the reliability and report normative values of a novel test, the foot line test (FLT), to describe foot morphology.

Numerous foot examinations are performed each day, but most existing examination techniques have considerable limitations regarding reliability and validity.

Visual assessment of MLA has been proposed 16 but found not to be reliable and valid. 17, 18 As a consequence, different static tests have been developed to attempt to quantify the position of MLA 1922 including the Navicular Drop Test and the Arch Index. Performing the Test: First, mark the navicular tuberosity. Next, measure the height of the navicular bone with the subtalar joint in neutral and the patient bearing most of the weight on the contralateral limb. THE RELIABILITY OF THE NAVICULAR DROP TEST AND ITS TRANFERABILITY TO DYNAMIC MOVEMENT by JOSHUA KRISPIN B.

S.University of Cincinnati, 2014 A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of Georgia Southern University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree MASTERS OF SCIENCE Recommended Citation.

Krispin, Joshua, " The Reliability Of The Navicular Drop Test and Its Transferability To Dynamic Movement" (2017). Electronic Theses& Dissertations. A Novel Method for Measuring InShoe Navicular Drop during Gait. Testretest was performed to test the reliability of a PBS. The change in the slope of the linear fitting from test to retest was 2.

5. The change in the mean navicular drop from test to retest using the MVSA system Paired ttest in SPSS 20. 0 The results was like in the reliability studie calculated based on 10 consecutive steps, which was identified after the first 30 sekunds of recording A student paired ttest was performed to see whether ornot The Navicular Drop Test (NDT) provides important information during evaluation of lower limbs.

The purpose of the present article was to assess the psychometric properties of NDT as usually done in clinical environment, and to analyze a way to minimize the evaluator interference.

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