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Free Essay: Biography of Adolf Hitler On April 20, 1889 in Austrian border town of Braunau, Adolf Hitler was born. He was born to his parents Alois The Life of Adolf Hitler Essay Adolf Hitler was born April 20th, 1889 in Austria to Klara and Alois Hitler Sr. His father worked for the government as a customs agent and had been previously married. Watch video Adolf Hitler, one of history's most notorious dictators, initiated fascist policies in Nazi Germany that led to World War II and the deaths of at least 11 million people, including the mass murder Essay: Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler did not live a very long life, but during his time he caused such a great deal of death and destruction that his actions still have an effect on the world nearly 50 years later.

A Short Adolf Hitler Biography History Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Imperialism, pride struggle, and depression that Adolf Hitler was born and raised. Part II Adolf life. Adolf Hitler was born in 20th April, 1889. He was born in a small town in Austria named the village of Braunau Am just across the border from German Bavaria. Essay Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. This was the beginning with horrible plans for power and control of other people. Some of the things that Hitler did throughout his life were very cruel things; first of all, he was a man who loved war and fighting.

Second, he was in charge of putting all of the innocent Jews into Hitler: Life Adolf Hitler Essay. Hitler's Early Life Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889.

In his childhood important events occurred since his father was retired and was pensioned for the Austrian civil service. Short Biography: Adolf Hitler Essay Adolf Hitler Born in the Austrian town of Braunau on April 20, 1889, Adolf was the fourth child of Alois Schickelgruber and Klara Hitler. By 1900, young Adolf's talents as an artist surfaced.

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