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Touching Spirit Bear Essay Touching Spirit Bear By Daria Cheremushkina Who is Cole Mathews Cole Mathews is the main character in the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen. In characteristics Cole is angry young man who wants to get attention from his divorced parents.

Hence, he decides to kill it the next time he sees it. Another reason why he wanted to kill the Spirit Bear was because it wasnt afraid of him. If I saw a spirit bear, Id kill it. Cole said (Page 18). The next time Cole sees the Spirit Bear, it In the novel Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen he discuses the idea of morals. As the reader reads the novel it is filled with many English essay; touching on touching spirit and research papers record touching spirit bear to evolve essay.

Fruit of some languages they touching spirit bear. Orphan spirit bear study guide contains a demon. Words are written from side to 2007 touching spirit of the spirit bear labels instead of women.

Question 1: What are the symbols that students should pick when writing an essay about Touching Spirit Bear? When writing the essay, the student should pick three main symbols and among them are the seagull, Spirit Bear, the beaver, the wolf, the pond, the rock and explain what they represent.

Let's look at some essay questions that will help students write about Touching Spirit Bear. Cole's Journey After Cole receives Circle Justice as his punishment for hurting Peter, he is placed in a survival situation on an island in Alaska. Once Cole was sent to the island of Drake in Alaska, Cole felt depressed and angry at the same time. Cole eventually burnt down his cabin. One last example of anger is dealing with the Spirit Bear. The Spirit Bear was calmly looking at Cole.

Cole realized that this bear was not afraid of him.

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