Effects of high gas prices essay

High oil prices affect politics, schools, jobs, public budgets and almost every industry. But current pressures could be augmented if war breaks out between Israel or the United States and Iran However, most energy firms take advantage of high oil prices, these firms make more profits than usual due to the rose demand for substitute energy sources like natural gas and ethanol.

2008 was great year for many energy firms, future prices increased sharply, reached a peak at 145. 85 on July 3rd 2008. The Effects of High Gas Prices. Gas is an important productive resource in the world. Driving cars, heating buildings, producing electricity, people all need gas. Therefore, gas is directly related to people's normal life and the global economy. Recently, due to the fights between Israel and the Hezbollah guerrilla, the Middle East political and economic The Effects of High Gas Prices.

Essay by johnmolson2003, College, Undergraduate, A, March 2008. download word file, 3 pages, 0. 0. Downloaded 71 times. Keywords Middle East, Israel, raw materials, global economy, economic situation. 0 Like 0 Tweet. Gas is an important productive resource in the world. Effects of Rising Gas Prices Gas has many effects in our society, and some of these effects have a negative impact in our life.

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According to GasBuddy. com, gas prices could reach a threeyear high in 2017. And in the longterm, gas prices are likely to climb back up to record levels, experts say. Offshore Drilling, Shale Oil Deposits, And Untapped Anwr Oil Will Help Combat High Gas Prices And Make The u.

s alternative to the current problem of high gas prices. Volatile gas prices have taken center stage in the media this year as the national average for a gallon of gasoline has topped 4. Political

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