Place attachment and sense of place essay

A sense of place identity derives from the multiple ways in which place functions to provide a sense of belonging, construct meaning, foster attachments, and mediate change. The place identity of a person can inform their experiences, behaviors, and attitudes about other places. Sense of placeincluding place attachment and place meaningscan help people appreciate ecological aspects of cities.

A place may also conjure contradicting emotionsthe warmth of community and home juxtaposed with Received; Accepted ABSTRACT: Today, concepts such as place attachment, sense of place, meaning of place, place identity, has devoted many studies In literature of architecture and urban design particularly in Place attachment is the emotional bond between person and place, and is a main concept in environmental psychology.

Improving the overall community psychology and sense of community can allow place attachment the concept sense of place, also referred to as place attachment, topopilia, insidedness, and community sentiment (1). Anthropology: Setha Low, Symbolic Ties that Bind: Place Attachments in the Plaza (2) The term sense of place has been used in many different ways. It is a characteristic that some geographic places have and some do not, while to others it is a feeling or perception held by people (not by the place itself).

It is often used in relation to those characteristics that make a place special or unique, as well as to those that foster a Sense of placeincluding place attachment and place meaningscan help people appreciate ecological aspects of cities.

Sense of place is determined by personal experiences, social interactions, and identities. Place, Sense of Place, and Place Attachment Selected Publications To view PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free of charge from Adobe's website. Place attachment dimensions In place attachment and the sense of place research, place dependence and place identity were used as constructs for measurement (William, et al.1995, Moore and Graefe, 1994).

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