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Researching and writing the extended essay It is recommended that teachers advise their students about researching and writing the extended essay as follows. The research process When researching the extended essay, students should do the following. 1. Choose the approved Diploma Programme subject for the extended essay. Read the Come up with the concepts you plan to use in the extended essay (one may compare prices to analyze the competition in the specific industry).

Decide whether the topic is useful. Look at the previous 3 tests offered by the IB experts and think about whether your final essay corresponds to these requirements. The International Baccalaureate (IB) online curriculum centre (OCC), a key resource for educators at IB World Schools, includes several examples of extended essay titles. These highlight the diverse range of topics covered by International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) students during their extended essays.

Extended essay The extended essay is an independent, selfdirected piece of research, finishing with a 4, 000word paper. One component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) core, the extended essay is mandatory for all students. Mexican Revolution IB Extended Essay Words: 2089 Pages: 8 Paragraphs: 15 Sentences: 87 Read Time: 07: 35 The Mexican revolution of 1910 was Extended Essay titles It is best to help find topics that can be successfully completed by the students themselves.

The aim is for students to follow a An extended essay is a type of academic writing assignment, which success depends on the structure. Except for selecting a topic, researching, and pinning down the main question, it is critical to decide on the structure as an extended essay has to be long.

Background on the Extended Essay from the International Baccalaureate In order to earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma, all candidates must submit an extended essay on a topic of their choice in one of the subjects of the IB curriculum. IB English A Literature.

InThinking Subject Sites where IB teachers go. IB Core. The Extended Essay. Extended Essay: the basics; Extended Essay: The Research Question a frequent characteristic of Paper 2 essay titles. This one is reasonably inviting, but the focus remains rather vague and potentially opens the door to 5. what subjects are available for the extended essay? 6.

how do i prepare the essay? 6. 1 the research process 6. 2 writing the extended essay 7. formal presentation of the extended essay 7. 1 the length of the extended essay 7. 2 title 7. 3 abstract 7. 4 contents page 7. 5 illustrations 7. 6 bibliography 8. how the extended essay is assessed? 9.

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